PC with dirty dirt enough to make you wonder whether it will work normally

It is a photograph of a dirty PC so dirty that I doubt that I have not even cleaned it since I purchased it. If the season of the coming season is also soiled in this way, the parts tend to become hot, so let's clean the person who felt the sense of crisis by looking at the image firmly.

Details are as below.Never cleaned the PC Wacky Archives

It is like a dust nest.

A personal computer that has suffered overall dust.

Forever accumulated dust.

The cooling performance seems to have dropped considerably.

Dust that looks like an adhesive.

The motherboard is relatively safe.

Did you put something dusty in front of the fans?

The power box is full of dust.

I'm stuck in the air way.

Air dusterThen it seems to be impossible to process.

A mark like Pepsi is emerging.

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