An elderly person who has habit of collecting lives in an unexpectedly scattered apartment

A picture of an apartment that an old man living in a strange habit of gathering garbage and bringing home every time he travels.

The interior is not organized at all, it has become an appearance that it can be said that it is just a garbage house in a terrible clutching all-you-can-see.

Details are as below.
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A mountain of garbage packed up.

PET bottle scattering which is a classic of garbage left unattended.

Because a part of the piping was broken, it seems that I was surprised when I called a trader. The merchant took out a part of the garbage out for hours and put it in and then put it inside.

There is a lot of garbage around here.

It is in a state where there is no footsteps indeed.

It is strange that it really is possible to live in an apartment like this and it is also an idea to take care of things too much.

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