"Cableyoyo" to keep clean and tidy so as not to get tangled with long chords

If you really use a PC, a digital camera, mobile phone, etc., many cables hang around on the desk often, it is an eyesore to appearance, and it becomes an obstacle when placing things. You will need to organize the cables using these organizing goods. Cableyoyo is an accessory for such arrangement.

Details are as follows.

The iPod has an earphone cable and a USB cable and surely messs up.

The connection between such iPod and PC is also refreshing like this.

There is no problem with the cable of the mobile phone.

It is so messed up before cleaning up.

It clears up when it sorts out.

It becomes easy to use around PC.

It can also be used for game machines.

One price is 980 yen, the color is three colors of silver, white, black.

【Bluelounge】 cable yo-yo [Cableyoyo POP]

It is a company called blueLounge that I am making.

Bluelounge - Cableyoyo

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