"Flashcase" which made it possible to store anything with a pocket on the MacBook cover

Covers that prevent MacBook from getting hurt are some stylish designs, but it is difficult to find something that adds functionality while maintaining a stylish design. "Flashcase"It is a simple design that is not overly flashy, not only protects your MacBook from shocks and scratches, it also has plus storage capability, you can connect with a MacBook with a cable with the external HDD in your pocket. I can make the desk around very clearly.

Flashcase - Pack Up Your Backup | Quirky Products

This is MacBook cover "Flashcase" with pocket. It does not disturb the design of a simple MacBook, it makes the MacBook functional, and it is possible to store accessories such as a pen and a memo pad in a pocket.

Cover with cottonPVCThe bumper is made of plastic and protects the MacBook from scratches and shocks.

If you store the USB cable in Flashcase, you forget carelessly, you can save the trouble of looking inside the bag when you think to use it.

It is also possible to extend the connector from inside the pocket. There is also an exit for the cable, so there is no worry that the contents slip inadvertently.

Although it is a slim design when putting accessories, since pleats are in the pocket, you can also insert an external HDD with thickness. Put the HDD or smartphone in your pocket, just out the cable and connect it to your MacBook so that you can use it without problems even when you can not secure enough space.

The connection with the HDD that I put in my pocket is like the following. I can see the desk as a pretty refreshing one.

Flashcase is currently under consideration for commercialization, details such as price are undecided.

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