Doubtful whether there really is an effect, how to repair a scratch on CD using banana

I think that there are experiences that scratches have entered by using a CD or DVD and a little thing. There seems to be a way to repair the scratch by using banana in such a case. It seems to be repaired in a rather bold way, it is doubtful whether it really works but it may be good to try using unnecessary CD - R.

However, it is very courageous to try it.

Details are from the following.
First, polish the surface with a banana.

Next it is the skin of the banana.

Brush the CD inside the banana peel.

Then wipe off the banana gently with a soft cloth.

Then spray the glass cleaner,

Wipe off with a soft cloth again.


Let's have the surplus bananas delicious.

Movie can be played from the following.
How To Remove CD Scratches With A Banana - Video

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