Try burning old PCs no longer needed

It is a picture burning burning piles of old PCs no longer needed. I raise awful smoke and the computer is on fire.

Obviously harmful substances have been generated ....

Details are as follows.
I will give a fire at once.

Smoke came up.

To be grateful with black smoke.

It seems to be burning.

I smoke too much. Is the neighborhood okay?

It is wrapped in flames.

The fire burns gradually and gradually.

It is surprisingly the original form is kept.

By the way, PC in JapanAct on Promotion of Effective Utilization of ResourcesBecause it is subject to recycling based on such, there is a danger that you can be punished as illegal dumping if you do this way of disposal. Do not give up your money again.

The original picture is on the link below.
English Russia >> Burn PC, Burn!

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