We repair the equipment with cellophane tape, if possible we do not want to ride Onboro airplane

It is a picture of an onboro plane being repaired with cellophane tape, broken or discolored here and there.

At least it seems difficult to enjoy a comfortable air travel by this airplane ....

Details are as below.
Repair full of first aid feeling.

The arm rest is broken.

It is broken and garbage is clogged ... / /.

The seat is torn.

Too rude of floor coverings.

It may be wanting to forgive that it is terrible in the vicinity of the emergency exit.

It is eroded by something and is discolored. Is it OK?

Considering that it is being repaired with a cellophane tape instead of a gum tape so that it is inconspicuous, I feel I can only forgive a little.

It seems to be a local route, but is not it terrible at all?

The original photo is from below.

English Russia >> The Local Airlines

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