A dust rolls out of the seat as soon as you do not want to get on the bus


"It is a movie that tells us how dirty the seat of the bus is," Be careful before sitting! ", But the amount of that dust is not extraordinary.

Uważaj zanim usiądziesz! - YouTube

This is the seat of the problem bus.

I will tap it lightly with Tonton with a tool like this mallet.

At first there is nothing ......

As dumping weak weak dust has risen

It is as if sand is wearing after all

Dust rising in the dust. I would like to think that it is a synthesis, but when there is a time when the futon does not dry for a long time, Bofachi and dust will dance at the moment of hitting it, so it will be that kind of thing ....

This movieMAN Lion's CityIt was taken with a German bus called. Even though it seems that these seats do not clean and clean up finely, they can be shown again as shapes ....

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