Twenty-seven photographs showing the inside of Amundsen · Scott base observation base near the freezing south pole

The observation base constructed by the United States near the South Pole is "Amundsen · Scott Base"is. By the wind passing through the building under the baseIce dietIt is a mechanism not to be buried in the snow and is built in the inside, including dining halls, laundry, shops, basketball courts and farms. Amundsen · Scott base operates an official blog from the site, but 27 photos that show inside is what is open to the blog.

South Pole Blog: What is the inside of the station like?

The appearance of Amundsen · Scott base which was taken around March 2016. At Amunzen Scott Station, the base population is different depending on the season, and staff and researchers with a strength of over 200 are gathered in the summer only for full-scale observation work. From mid February to the latter half of October, about 100 wintering troops who are supporting missions are running the base.

The following is a picture taken around January when a blog person arrived at Amundsen · Scott base for the first time. As of June 2016 the sun will not rise 24 hours a day, it is said that the dark condition is continuing.

The room of the person in charge of the blog is like this. There are also humidifiers etc., the room seems very comfortable.

Full view of the main aisle on the second floor. As you can imagine from the exterior view, it has become a straight line structure. Turning from the front to the right aisle leads to the dining room.

This is a dishwasher. It seems that there is a cleaning staff during the weekdays during the day, but the daily dinner and the dish-washing on Saturday are replaced by the observation crew members. Because there is no food service on Sunday, the person in charge of blogs calls "day of leftovers". It seems that the members of Sunday are cooking and eating what they like with each man.

This is the dining room where the observatory person eats every day.

The games room is also fully equipped and it is a place of socializing after work.

A laboratory where researchers and researchers do work and experiments, each one is given a desk. Although the wintering party has few people, the laboratory becomes quiet during the winter, but in the summer when full-scale activities are carried out, the laboratory seems to be crowded in order to do work in a limited period.

The meeting room of the smaller one out of two at the base. Everyone will have a video conference with the US headquarters in the conference room twice a week. She said that she did not shoot the larger conference room.

In these office blocks there is an old poster marking the coordinates of the Amundsen · Scott base in the aisle as a memorial.

A communication room that communicates with an airplane going through the base. It is rarely used in winter, but it seems to be busy with a lot of communication during summer.

A gym room to eliminate lack of exercise.

When you get off the ground floor, rooms like the gymnasium are prepared, and sports games such as volleyball, dodgeball, badminton etc. are held once a week. It is also used for movie screenings on screens that are visible in the back and yoga classes held twice a week by staff volunteers. When nobody is using it, it is OK even if you do your favorite exercise by utilizing the wide space.

In the music room on the first floor you can play your favorite instrument. Most of the instruments are mostly donated by staff who have stayed at Amundsen Scott base so far. When a blogger saw this room for the first time, he said that he was very surprised that the violin had been placed.

You can enjoy movies and games in the TV lounge room on the first floor. Although there were two rooms, since the movie was screened in the other room, I did not shoot without disturbing. It is also used as a place of socialization, but staff who arrived at the base for the first time are also used as a place to view orientation video.

Room where equipment such as coat located near entry / exit is placed. It seems that he has become a bread roll with a lot of clothes during the winter.

This is the main entrance on the first floor. This place is called a "Destination Alpha (DA)" because it is a place to pass when arriving by plane and returning home. Besides boarding a plane, some people also need to go through when going to the telescope room.

A craft room that makes things and sews.

It is also possible to read books slowly in the reading room.

Green room growing fresh vegetables.Antarctic TreatyVegetables are made by hydroponic cultivation because the bringing of soil is banned. Vegetables necessary for salad such as cucumber and mini tomato and herbs necessary for cooking are raised.

This is a laundry room.

This is a post office and a kiosk. Post office is closed during winter, but in the summer the United States Postal Service (USPS) is in charge of mailing work. It seems that winter shops are only open for several days a week, only one hour a day, but it is possible to purchase amenity, snacks, sweets, carbonated drinks, alcohol and souvenirs.

Garbage disposal / recycling sorting room.

The sauna room is fully equipped. After doing outdoor work in extremely cold Antarctica, it seems warm and very comfortable. It is not photographed because it is not the range of activities of blog personnel, but there seems to be various room such as IT room and medical room in addition.

Below are extra auroral photos. As of June 2016, the South Pole has a temperature of minus 47 degrees and a sensible temperature of minus 50 degrees.

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