"CERN" appears on Google Street View, and the cutting edge of elementary particle physics will be released

Google Maps "Street view"Can display various places around the world with 360 degree panorama and the area that can be displayed with functions that can enjoy easy" virtual travel "is expanding rapidly, but finally"CERNIt seems that it has advanced to the.

CERN - Street View - Google Maps

Google Europe Blog: Street View arrives at CERN

European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN)Is the world's largest particle physics research facility located in Geneva, Switzerland,Higgs particleIt is also famous for raising research results strongly supporting the existence of.CERN is a huge facility consisting of a particle accelerator "LHC" with a full circumference of 27 kilometers and a huge detector "ATLAS" with a total length of 44 meters and a weight of 7000 tonsBut, at last, Google Street View has entered into it and we decided to publish the inside.

About publishing CERN inside this time in Street View Google is very pleased that CERN has accepted street view cameras to laboratories, control centers, countless underground tunnels in the Google Europe Blog " After stating the acknowledgment, "Street view makes it possible for scientists behind the Earth to see research facilities as well".

The inside of CERN which is published in Street View is as follows.

This isLHC accelerator.

LHC tunnel with a total length of 27 kilometers.

This isATLAS detector. It is installed 100 meters underground.

This is a CMS detector. It is also used in Higgs' particle detection experiments.

This is a heavy ion detector "ALICE".

When you enjoy the virtual travel in the street view, it may be a good idea to look around the inside of CERN and touch the cutting edge of elementary particle research.

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