"It was a mistake to log in to Windows with Ctrl + Alt + Del", Bill Gates says


Microsoft's chairman at Harvard campaign event held at Harvard UniversityBill GatesAttended and an interview was held. During the interview, Mr. Gates asked about the login method adopted by the initial Windows, said "It was a mistake to log in to the PC with Ctrl + Alt + Del".

William H. Gates III COL '77, LLD '07 Q & A | The Harvard Campaign Launch - YouTube

Gates, asked to the event moderator, "Why did you adopt a command that used three fingers when you wanted to log in? Who was that idea?", Obviously Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut I recognized a mistake, a big laughter came from the venue.

Gates admitted the mistake and explained that "Windows really wanted to be able to log in with one key." However, "I designed IBM's keyboardSomeoneI did not want a command to log in with one key, so I had no choice but to do this. "


Actually, Ctrl + Alt + Del is originalIBM PCIt was implemented by Mr. David Bradley who designed. Mr. Bradley attended Gates with the 20th anniversary event of IBM PC and said, "I was the one who invented Ctrl + Alt + Del but I am the one who made it famous," he cried Mr. Gates. Mr. Gates just nodded without responding to anything, it seemed unlikely.

You can see Mr. Bradley talking to Gates about Ctrl + Alt + Del from the following movie.

Control-Alt-Delete: David Bradley & Bill Gates - YouTube

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