Mr. Peter Higgs also appeared at the scene of the photograph at the workplace where you can see how wonderful the new particle discovery, which is regarded as Higgs particle, is amazing

I think that the European Joint Nuclear Research Institute (CERN) has discovered new particles that have not been known hitherto with a high degree of reliability and is thought to be elementary particles thought to give mass to a substance (that is, "weight") It was predicted that its existence was "Higgs particle"It was announced that it was almost the same.


Observation of particles seen as Higgsboson that has been explored for many years by CERN experiment

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And about the discovery of new particles like Higgs' particles this timeSeminarState of

The right person is a British physicistPeter Higgs, Higgs' particle 'Higgs' is taken from the name of this person.

People who are keen on giving presentations about this discovery

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Mr. Higgs appears again

According to the release,

The next step is to clarify what kind of role it plays in understanding the properties of this particle precisely and understanding the universe. Is the nature of this particle consistent with Higgsubboson, the last undiscovered particle of the standard theory I have been looking for over the years? Or more strange particles? The standard theory is a theory that describes the nature of the basic particles and the forces acting during them, which are themselves shaping substances that are actually visible in the universe somewhat. However, it is thought that the substance we can observe is less than 4% of the whole universe. If it is found that the properties of Higgs' particle are different from the expectation of the standard theory, there is a possibility that understanding of the 96% component of the universe which may be obtained might still be understood.

"I entered a new stage in understanding nature," says RERF Hoeier, director of CERN. "The discovery of particles found to be Higgsubboson will continue to detailed research on it.Plusing a lot of data allows us to further investigate the properties of the new particles and then unlock the other mysteries of our universe You may be able to do it. "

To properly identify the characteristics of new particles, much data and time are needed. However, whatever the Higgs' particle appears, our understanding of the basic structure of the substance can be said to proceed to the next stage right now.

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If you look at a movie such as Atlas, a huge experimental device for Higgs' particle detection that was released on YouTube as a trailer of this announcement, you can see how many people have worked hard.

CERN NEWS: LHC experiments prepare for summer conferences - YouTube

In the following movie, Mr. Higgs actually appeared and explained it.

Best of Higgs Field Theory physicists - YouTube

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