Succeeded in the world for the first simultaneous observation of Higgs particle and top quark, one step to clarify the origin of "mass"

CERN (European Nuclear Research Organization) large-scale accelerator "Large-scale hadron collision type accelerator(LHC) ", it is the two heaviest particlesTop QuarkWhenHiggs particleThere was a discovery indicating that it was born at the same time from one proton collision. This was the first observation in the world and it is an important discovery in understanding the origin of existence of "mass" in this universe.

UZH - Direct Coupling of the Higgs Boson to the Top Quark Observed

Higgs particles are elementary particles which are also called "particles of God" and are thought to be the ultimate root that this universe can exist, by creating attraction by bringing mass to substances. The concept was in 1964Peter HiggsAs predicted by the professor, new particles actually seen as Higgs particles in 2012 are discovered, Mr. Higgs has won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013.

However, Higgs particles are invisible and can not be detected with a sensor. It is difficult to understand the concept very much, but expressing it using "snow" makes it easy to understand its mechanism and significance a little.

Expressing what "Higgs particle" is expressed as "snow" makes it easy to understand - GIGAZINE

Local time on June 4, 2018, particle detector installed at LHC "CMS(Small muon solenoid) "and"ATLASIt was announced in the world that the Higgs particle and the top quark were directly interacting with each other in experiments using the toroid type LHC observation device.

About this result, Boaz Klima, a researcher at Fermi National Accelerator Research Laboratory belonging to the Department of Energy of the US, said, "This observation is based on physicsStandard modelIt will be a direct link between the two heaviest particles in the body, "he says that it is a big discovery to advance physics one step further.

The Higgs particle that gives mass to the substance and the Higgs field have not been elucidated for a long time, but its appearance has been clarified by LHC's confirmation of Higgs particles in 2012, the next step is It is in the stage of "checking the forecast and confirming whether it conforms to the theory". The big question here was "Whether Higgs particles can interact with quarks, if possible, how can we see that relationship?"

Scientists have recognized that Higgs' particles will interact most strongly with top quarks, which are the largest among the elementary particles, but all the results so far have been confirmed by " It was said that only things below the "threshold" were. This time, CMS research team announcedpaper, By ATLAS research teampaperThen, it is clarified that Higgs' particles interacted with the top quark as expected, and the direction to go is indicated.

The significance of this discovery is also explained in the following movies released by CERN.

New results proving that the top quark acquires its mass from the Higgs field - YouTube

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