CERN's large-scale hadron collision type accelerator has been restarted for the first time in 2 years, and challenge is started to elucidate the mystery of dark matter

European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN)The world's largest accelerator "Large-scale hadron collision type accelerator (LHC)"Higgs particleAfter the discovery, improvements have been made to further improve performance while also serving as an overhaul. And after 2 years, LHC finally resumed operation on April 5, 2015,big bangWhat happened shortly afterwardsDark matterI tried restarting the elucidation of the mystery of.

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Large Hadron Collider restarts after two-year rebuild - BBC News

LHC is a large circular accelerator installed about 100 m below the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland, and it is a huge experimental facility with a diameter of about 8.6 km and a length of about 27 km.

LHC was a spectacular experimental facility that brought new particles to birth by accelerating particles in a circular tunnel in the opposite direction at the speed of light and winning the Nobel Prize in Physics of 2013Peter HiggsIt is also famous for observing Dr. Higgs particles. With this improvement work, 8 TrVElectron volt) Was up to 13 TeV (13 trillion electron volt).

For CERN,Four control centers called "islands"there is. The four islands are named "proton synchrotron control department", "super proton synchrotron control department", "support department supporting technical infrastructure", and "control department of LHC" respectively.

By the way, in the experiment of LHC,Hundreds of millions of collisions occur per second, and the raw data detected by the sensor will be 1 PB (1 million GB) per secondBecause of this, LHC has a huge data center extraordinarily.

After the silence of two years, the state of LHC control department at the time of restart of LHC which finally recovered can be confirmed in the following movie.

#RestartLHC: Beam 2, the first to circulate - YouTube

Mr. Rolf Heuer of CERN Director is expressing the restart of the LHC "the sun is underground".

Scientists can also see how strained.

The moment of restarting finally.

And the restart is successful, success. Clapping is rising.

Dr. Paul Collier, leader of the electron beam division, says, "There are things you need to do to verify the equipment by experiment."

LHC which succeeded in restarting will start experiments for about 3 years from June 2015. Observation of further features of Higgs' particle by newborn LHC,Extra dimension,AntimatterIt is expected that various knowledge such as the research of the Big Bang occurrence and the elucidation of the dark matter can be obtained.

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