Succeeded to nuclear fusion boron without emitting neutron beam using two lasers

Large amounts of energy are released by fusion of nucleiNuclear fusionResponse is expected as a promising energy source in the future and research is proceeding all over the world. Technical hurdles for practical application of nuclear fusion are varied, but among them, it has been considered that neutron rays harmful to the human body are emitted along with the reaction, but nuclear fusion is carried out without emitting neutron rays It was made possible by using two lasers for the mechanism.

Fusion reactions initiated by laser-accelerated particle beams in a laser-produced plasma: Nature Communications: Nature Publishing Group

Two-laser boron fusion lights the way to radiation-free energy: Nature News & amp; Comment

Mr. Christine Lobern and his research team, who is the executive director of the CNRS laboratory,protonWhenBoron 11Using two laser systemsNeutron beamSucceeded in causing a nuclear fusion reaction without radiation, its research paper was dated October 8Nature CommunicationsIt is published in.

Since nuclear fusion reaction is expected to generate a large amount of energy, it is expected to be an extremely attractive energy creation source and at the same time, attention must be paid to the shielding of neutron rays generated by the reaction, Although it has been presented, the results of this research by Dr. Lavurn can greatly advance research on nuclear fusion.

Dr. Lavurn uses a single laser to heat the boron atom to create a boron plasma (ionized state of boron), further generate a proton beam with another laser, and inject this proton beam into the boron plasma to cause a nuclear fusion reaction , Helium and a large amount of energy (heat) were generated, but at that time, the neutron beam was not radiated.

This is the laser equipment used in this experiment.

So fardeuteriumYaTritiumAlthough laser was used in the preprocessing stage of nuclear fusion reaction using isotope of hydrogen such as hydrogen, it has a huge laser arrangement (even the world's largest laser at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California 200 pieces) was necessary. If the experiment of Dr. Lavurn succeeds in further scaling up in the future, its simplicity which requires only two lasers for nuclear fusion reaction will have great advantage.

Dr. Johan Rafelsky, a theoretical physicist at the University of Arizona, coauthor of the research paper, said, "The most important thing for the success of the experiment istimingIt was. " The existence of boron plasma generated by the laser is as short as 1 billion one second, and even proton pulses are generated in a short time which is short of a moment of one trillion sec There is a need to synchronize the timing of proton bombardment with boron plasma very accurately.

In this experiment, we did not take any consideration on "break-even point" which compares the energy to be used with the energy created by nuclear fusion, so it seems that it can not be put into practical use immediately as "energy source". However, "If we succeed in increasing the power of the laser and reducing the energy consumption, the simplicity of the laser system capable of boron nuclear fusion with only two lasers is very practical, and the future powerful energy source "Laser physicist Dr. Gerald Morro says.

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