The sequel of the animation "Furikuri" · Theatrical version "Furikuri 2" is decided nationwide in 2018, furthermore "Furikuri 3" production is also made

As the sequel to "Evangelion New Theatrical Version" series Kazuya Tsurumaki 's first director "Furikuri", theatrical version "Furikuri 2" was produced as a new theatrical animation and announced that it will be released nationwide in 2018. "Furikuri 3" is scheduled as a further sequel. The music will continue to be in charge of "the pillows".

Theatrical version "Furikuri" official website

"It's sooooo ... there are things I want"
Following the crimson wings, "woman" disappeared into the sky.
The time to go around, the power to steal the stars now is waking up in the dream of a girl.
"Watch out for a woman on Vespa!"
A smoke harboring city that spits out of the iron - A night when a girl / head girl in the headphones was run over,
A giant robot appeared from the amount of a classmate 's boy / Ide!
"Daily life without special things" cried the end and the woman finally came back!

Announced teaser visual

The video was also released as "super specials".
Frikri 2 & amp; 3 Super Movie - Theatrical Edition YouTube

The impressive yellow Vespa and the appearance of Haruko appear in this image.

"Furikuri" was a total of six volumes of OVA released between 2000 and 2001, not only recording a huge hit of about 250,000 in Japan, it received a high reputation abroad. At the 2003 Canadian-Fantasia Film Festival, he received the bronze prize of the animation division. In the form receiving this popularity, the sequel will be made after 16 years.

Kazuya Tsurumaki who was the director of the previous work is in charge of the supervisor. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto for the original draft character, character designKubota oath, Mechanic designKiyomi Oshi. The general manager is in charge of the "Odoru Daisousasen" series, "PSYCHO - PASS Psychopath", and the movie "Anata" released on September 30Koji Maibō, Screenplay is "Last Dinner"Hideto Iwai. The director includes six names of Kazuto Arai, Toshihisa Kaiya, Yuki Ogawa, Yoshihide Idei, Kei Suezawa, Hiroshi Ikehata.

As for "Furikuri" on August 28, 20, GAINAX transferred the original rights to Production I. G and Production I. G commented, "We will utilize this right for remake of new animation, etc."

(PDF file)Notice of acquiring the animation work 'Frickli FLCL'

At Anime Expo where the presentation took place, Mr. Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, President and Representative Director of Production I. G, announced the following message.

Today, I am honored to have received so many overseas animation fans. I feel fortunate that I can produce a sequel that is popular overseas as well as "Furikuri". Please expect it in the world of new "fly trees" by all means.

Also, the pillows will be in charge of the music following the previous work.

The pillows members have also announced the following message.

Sayawa Yamanaka:
Tell me in a loud voice "Yeah !!" for the time being. If other bands are doing it, you will not see the new season with jealousy.
This time I made songs considering "Furikuri". Without this story, it was a song that never existed from us. Especially lyrics and so on. So I really like it. I feel happy that things that will be our representative songs have been created. I think that I was able to make something more than I expected, so please look forward to it.

Manabe Yoshiaki:
Because it is 16 years passed. A story comes to where I was injured because I was taken to another band.
It's a loud voice "Yay !!" I was happy. It's been quite a long period of 16 years, so doing a band and saying, 'Was it good?' It may be a catalyst to newly learn the music of the pillows in a new series of "Furikuri", and some fans of the pillows may watch "Furikuri" for the first time. I am excited to have such a new relationship, a good encounter, I feel like increasing from now on.

Sato Shinichiro:
Think about the pillows and "Furikuri" equally. I am glad that there is still a border.
I revisit my songs on this occasion, and I can also create cool new songs. I am feeling very good.
After that I am looking forward to see the music on the video. And I pray for big hit of animation.

◆ "Furikuri 2"
Overall director: Katsuyuki Honfairi
Supervisor: Kazuya Tsurumaki
Director: Kazuhito Arai / Toshihisa Otani / Yuki Ogawa / Yoshihide Ibe / Kei Suezawa / Hiroshi Ikehata
Screenplay: Hideto Iwai
Character draft: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Character design: Kubota oath
Mechanic design: Kiyomi Oshiyama
Theme Song: the pillows
Animation Production: Production I. G

◆ "Furikuri 3"
Overall director: Katsuyuki Honfairi
Supervisor: Kazuya Tsurumaki
Director: Yasushi Uemura / Kiyoshiro Suzuki
Screenplay: Hideto Iwai
Character draft: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Character design: Yuichi Takahashi
Mechanic design: Kiyomi Oshiyama
Theme Song: the pillows
Animation Production: Production I. G × NUT × REVOROOT

Theater version "Furikuri 2" "Furikuri 3" 2018 National Public Distribution: Toho Imaging Department
© 2018 Production I. G / Toho
Illustration by Chikashi Kubota

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