The first director of the screenwriter, Okada Yuri who sent out "Anna no Hana" "Kokorozakame" said "Let's promise the promenade in the morning of goodbye"

Original animation broadcasted in the spring of 2011 "We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.And thatMovie version, And a movie published in 2015My heart wants to cry.Mr. Okada who was in charge of the script of "I will make a directorial debut with" I will decorate the promised flowers in the morning of goodbye ".

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The published teaser visual is that two people run in the grassland.

Mr. Okada's comment about this work is as follows.

Five years ago from now. There was an event of the work responsible for screenwriting at P.A. WORKS, and in that dressing room it was told to President Horikawa "I would like to see the work that exposed 100% of Mr. Okada someday." Absolutely, I completely accepted the word true, I thought it was frustrating. If you try to realize the words of President Horikawa in the world of collaborative work involving many people, such as animation production, only concerning all sections from the beginning to the end Absent. I asked President Horikawa to let me do the manager. I am too nervous to remember that the inside of my mouth has come down.
This "Story of promised flowers in the morning of goodbye" is a story that I wanted to write as a point of view of the writer. As a director, you will be able to touch the images and sounds that follow, and there is pressure as well as great pleasure. It is thanks to the staff who participate in the work that can overcome them. Seniors of wonderful creators who were longing, the same generation of respected and trustworthy fellows, powerful young people who give new stimulus. I have spent a long time together and talked with everyone who supports me with just serious work and enthusiasm, just bothering me with unfamiliar work. Every time I check the material that goes up, the summer vacation when I was a child, watching an animated movie, the feeling of becoming a front swing revives with "awesome!" That crush that goes beyond the screen and where the unfamiliar world continues anywhere. Although it is still in the production process, I am convinced that with a great staff's power, it will be a work that jumped over like a minor myself 100%.
The story of encounter and parting, interwoven between people and people. I am aiming for a work that is warm and warm, like everyone can someday superimpose myself. Thank you very much.

The comments of producer K. Itsuke Horikawa of P.A. WORKS who produced Okada's overseeing director and is responsible for animation production of this work are as follows.

I would like to make an animation of the work that the author of the art permeates through every corner of the work. I remember that such a story was made by the writer Okada Yuri. I wanted you to depict the inner face of a deeply inexplicable person who would not reach in the collaborative work theory in 100% Yuri Okada Yuuri never to cover up. Mr. Okada is a person who can write it as entertainment.
After a while, Mr. Okada consulted with "I have a work I'd like to make, would you let me do a manager?" I was surprised at the suggestion of director, but Mr. Okada squeezing the word was prepared. I am OK on condition that it is a theater work.
When I decided to cast "Promised flowers in the morning of goodbye", I read the script. I felt a big response. In my memorandum on that day, "Thank you for giving me this work, it is written that thank you for the director."
I am trying not to talk with Okada about the theme of this work. I think that I'd like to feel and see the "rarity" that flows to the bottom of the story, Okada may not be conscious of himself, many times.
This is the story of loved ones and loved ones throughout the entire story, I think that several characters that separated Mr. Okada's blood are stories about love with each other. Mr. Okada, a screenwriter, is an expression made possible by supervising not only words but also movies that combine words, images and sounds.
It is only the staff who has the power to think that "I want this work to be a great work, I want to make it the best" to support the first director. Their enthusiasm is too strong, and as a producer every day we have a head and we can not help turning around as we plan to complete the project. When completed properly Okada would like to pick up the bone which became ash of the line producer Horikawa.

Incidentally, Toshiya Shinohara as a chief director, Yuriko Ishii as a character designer and general drawing director participated, and as a combination of staff Mr. Okada took charge of the series composition and was broadcasted from the autumn of 2013 to the winter of 2014 "From tomorrow's calendarFeeling close to.

Publication of the movie is on Saturday, February 24, 2018, sales of advance tickets began on July 8, 2017. The price is 1500 yen including tax, the privilege is a special clear file using the toes visual.

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