"New iPhone 8" mockup appeared, accessories from multiple manufacturers "real" almost no mistake

YouTube channel "Everything ApplePro"Mock-up that is said to be almost the real thing of the new type" iPhone 8 "has appeared in the movie released, so that you can see the various parts in detail.

IPhone 8 - Hands On With Prototype & Case! - YouTube

One day, Phillip of Everything ApproPro asked "from the Chinese iPhone accessory maker" Do you want to see the latest iPhone mockup? " The box that I got you to send me soon is Kore.

Opening the box ......

First of all it came out, a smart case like the iPhone 7 which is selling the manufacturer "Yesgo" who sent the sample.

And, an object smells smudging with a sample feeling wrapped in bubble wraps appeared.

Inside, there was a case for iPhone 8 (left) and a mockup (right) for iPhone 8.

Take out the mockup from the bag ......

The shiny iPhone 8 mock showed off.

It seems that the front is a glass display with a curved surface like the iPhone 7 etc.

On the back you can see that the preliminary rumor that vertical Vertical Camera Unit is located.

A little worrisome is how the black part around the Apple logo shines. Apparently it is not transcribing the logo on the flat panel, but it seems to be incorporated as "another part".

The power button on the right side is also subjected to beveled corners properly, so it is felt that it is a pretty precisely made mock.

Compared with iPhone 7 (right), you can see that it is a little bigger in the vertical direction.

The feeling that I took in my hand is very easy to hold.

Also, in the case of a white adult male, the thumb covers the majority of the screen, so it seems not to be uncomfortable to use.

You can see that iPhone 8 is slightly bigger when it overlaps with iPhone 7.

There is no big change in the mute switch and the volume button on the left side.

One of the major features of the iPhone 8, the vertically arranged camera unit is larger in size than iPhone 7Plus (right).

A small hole for sound collection is drilled in the middle of the camera unit. Because the back of the iPhone 8 is made of glass, it is thought that the iPhone 8 has been moved into the unit because the intensity drops drastically when opening a small hole.

Yesgo sent it, the case for iPhone 8 is kore.

There is a big hole in the logo part ... ...

When attached to the iPhone 8, the logo is in a state of full appearance.

Phillip commented that "If this logo becomes a sensor of TouchID it seems to be easy to use," he said. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the possibility also remains as it was the case that happened to have a hole.

And here here is a sample that arrived from a different manufacturer than Yesgo. As for what it is inside ... ...

Screen protection film for iPhone 8.

The left is a mock of iPhone 8 delivered from Yesgo, and the right is a protective film of another maker, but when these are overlapped ... ...

What a perfect match. At least it seems that the state where the design on the front appears in this movie is the final answer.

And thanks to this protective film, iPhone 8 screen size can be estimated. In parallel with iPhone 7 Plus, you may ask that iPhone 8's screen is longer in the vertical direction.

There is no big change in the layout of the bottom speaker × 2 and Lightning terminal. Unfortunately earphone terminal which was expected to reappear is a pattern not to be revived.

When measuring the thickness of the main body, the iPhone 7 was 7.09 mm ......

The iPhone 8's mock is 7.24 mm, which is slightly thick.

And then the thickness comparison of the camera section. While the thickness of the iPhone 7 Plus including the camera was 8.8 mm, ......

The iPhone 8 is 8.72 mm, which shows that it is slightly thinner.

However, because the size of the main unit itself is smaller than iPhone 7 Plus, it also highlights that the iPhone 8 moves and makes a sound as "Gotogoto" on a flat desk.

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