An intense man who created a mini arcade game machine that can actually play using Nintendo Switch

Speaking of Capcom 's "Street Fighter II (St II)" who created a boom of fighting fighting games, people who have appeared as Super Nintendo versions in addition to arcade versions and have stolen II in stationary game machines There should be many. A complete new work of such St IIULTRA STREET FIGHTER II The Final Challengers(Ur II) "appeared from Nintendo Switch, it seems that there seems to be a user who wants to play this as arcade game machine style by all means, I made my own mini arcade game machine which I can play actually .

Nintendo Switch Arcade - Ultra Street Fighter 2 - YouTube

On the screen are Nintendo Switch's display and arcade game machine style joystick & 6 buttons.

It looks like the dock for the following arcade game machine-like Nintendo Switch, but ......

Nintendo Switch to Stage II Arcade Game Machine-Like Magic - GIGAZINE

You can operate the Nintendo Switch by moving the joystick.

I will start playing the ur II revived with Nintendo Switch as it is.

It is the manipulation of the left part of the screen, the wave fist ... ...

Tornado It has been exercised by a combination of joystick & buttons, and it is exactly a miniature arcade game machine.

The manipulating hand recedes and the whole picture reveals.

At the end of the movie, tools etc used are released. The controller part is my own, the base circuit part is 8 BitdoSNES 30Joystick to sell parts of arcade game machineTwistedQuarterIt is said that the button purchased with, Sanwa's 24 mm button was used.

In addition, an arcade game machine-like dock that can store the base Nintendo Switch is a laser cutter with a board of 20 x 30 inches (about 51 x 76 cm) of about 3 dollars (about 340 yen) purchased with Target and Walmart It seems to be made by cutting. Arcade game machine wind dock dataThingiverseIt is open to the public.

Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet by SSilver 2k 2 - Thingiverse

Arcade game machine Although the wind dock itself seems to be rather simple making, since the original controller part is only one original in the world, it seems to be said that it is a dock of sluggish things if it is from St II or ur II fans.

Speaking of arcade controller for Nintendo Switch, there is something to be released from HORI of game peripheral equipment in July, but this is about 430 mm in total length than Nintendo Switch body, it is not a wireless controller so Nintendo Switch You need to connect to the dock and use it.

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