Just by placing the Nintendo Switch, it becomes a stand and it is also possible to charge the battery. Required item when going out "Using the mobile battery 10000 mAh only for Nintendo Switch" tried

It will also be a portable game machine and a stationary game machine "Nintendo Switch","Mario Kart 8 Deluxe"ARMS"Monster Hunter Double Cross"Splatoon 2"There are many games that demonstrate true fun by playing multiple people online and locally, such as. Actually, the Nintendo Switch is compact enough not to compromise handheld gaming machines so it's hard for you to bring it out, but as soon as you play the game on the go, the tablet is too small, It is noticed the disadvantage that it can only be placed in a flat and stable place of the game to play the game. Mobile battery-powered stand that can supplement the whole weakness in such a place "For Nintendo Switch put only mobile battery 10000 mAh"Has appeared, and it was an item which is too perfect for those who take out the Nintendo Switch to play outside, so I actually purchased it and tried it.

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◆ Photo review
The package of "Mobile battery only 10000 mAh to put for Nintendo Switch" looks something like this. The image color of the Nintendo Switch is decorated, and the character "10000 mAh" of the battery capacity is printed by Dodeca in the package.

On the back side of the box is written the specifications as a mobile battery, the capacity is 10000 mAh, the input is 5 V / 3A maximum, the output is up to 5 V / 3A. There are three ports: USB-A (output), USB-C (input / output), microUSB (input).

Pakari inside box

Included are "Mobile Battery 10000 mAh only for Nintendo Switch" main body, "microUSB - USB - A" cable for charging the main unit, 3 instruction manuals.

With "Nintendo Switch putting only mobile battery 10000 mAh" in hand and like this. The surface is matte finish so that fingerprints etc are not noticeable.

The USB - C terminal is arranged so that it sticks to the surface perfectly, so it seems impossible to charge the Nintendo Switch as it is.

On the back side are a switch and an LED lamp showing the remaining battery charge

Press the switch to display the remaining battery power. When it shines four, it is almost full.

There is nothing on the top.

There is a slip on the bottom ... ...

It is possible to push this up.

Then, because the USB - C terminal leaves a little bit from the battery body like this, it becomes possible to charge the Nintendo Switch.

On the left side is a light blue plate and three ports.

Red plate on the right side.

The light blue and red plates on the left and right can move like this ......

It is also possible to stand the battery body like this.

Although the stand can adjust the angle of three steps ... ...

In the instruction manual "It is recommended to use at the backmost position of the third step (90 degrees to the main body)".

So when you actually put the Nintendo Switch, it looks like this. Compared to the stand attached to the Nintendo Switch itself, when playing with placing the Nintendo Switch on a table or the like, it often happens that it is desirable to change the angle of the stand depending on the height of the table, so "adjust the angle in three steps It is pretty good that you can ". The stand for "Nintendo Switch only putting the mobile battery 10000 mAh" is not that solid, but it is better than the one on the Nintendo Switch body with two stands.

From the back.

From the side.

◆ I actually charged it
I tried to check how long it takes to charge the Nintendo Switch body with "Mobile battery for 10000 mAh to put aside for Nintendo Switch" and to charge the mobile battery itself.

There are three ports on the side of the main unit, and the maximum power corresponding to each application is different. The largest USB - A port above corresponds to output of up to 5 V / 1.5 A. The bottom left USB-C port supports up to 5 V / 3A input / output, so you can charge your phone faster than the USB-A port. And the right bottom microUSB port corresponds to input of maximum 5V / 1.5A. In other words, when you use a port to charge some terminal or charge the battery body, you can use the USB - C port quickly.

Also, the USB - C terminal sticking to the main unit corresponds to the output of maximum 5 V / 3A.

Incidentally,Nintendo genuine AC adapterThe output of 5V / 1.5A or 15V / 2.6A, for the Nintendo Switch that GIGAZINE editorial staff uses as personal itemsAC AdapterThe output was 5V / 3A.

So, try charging various batteries with USB / C terminal / port with the highest input / output.

· Charge the Nintendo Switch
First of all, I will charge the Nintendo Switch to "Nintendo Switch Putting Only Mobile Battery 10000 mAh" by docking it. Only one remaining LED lamp of "Nintendo Switch putting on mobile battery 10000 mAh" was lit ... ...

The charge started at 9:56, and the battery lasted about 3 hours from there. The exact charge time is about 2 hours 46 minutes, while the Nintendo Switch's battery recovers from 46% to 75%. As a result that it was able to charge the battery about 10% per hour.

The output of the iPhone's AC adapter is 5 V / 1A, but when you try to charge the Nintendo Switch, the power is insufficient and the battery does not increase at all. On the other hand, "Nintendo Switch for mobile battery only 10000 mAh" has output of 5 V / 3 A when using the USB-C port, it can charge the Nintendo Switch with the same output as the third party AC adapter. I could confirm that it can be charged well even if I actually use it.

· For Nintendo Switch only charge mobile battery 10,000 mAh
Next, let's check how long it will take to empty the battery of "Nintendo Switch for Mobile Battery 10000 mAh" and charge it to full.

Using an AC adapter with output 5V / 3A, charge from the USB-C port of "Mobile battery only 10000 mAh for putting in Nintendo Switch".

The iPhone which is placed next to "mobile battery only 10000 mAh to put for Nintendo Switch" is for indicating time. We will start charging at 13:03.

While charging, the LED lamp of 'Mobile battery 10000 mAh' will blink as it is set for Nintendo Switch, but in about 4 hours the 4th lamp starts flashing.

When waiting as it is, the lamp stops blinking when about 4 hours and 30 minutes have elapsed, and the four lamps remain lit. Since it means that the batteries are full when the four lamps are lit without flashing, it means that they were fully charged from the empty state in about 4 hours and a half.

· I tried charging a smartphone
"Nintendo Switch put as much as mobile battery 10000 mAh" looksAnker's mobile batterySo I tried to compare the size with "Anker PowerCore 10000 (right)" and "Anker PowerCore 13000 (bottom)". "Only for the Nintendo Switch Mobile Battery 10000 mAh (left)" is just a little smaller than the Anker PowerCore 10000 with the same battery capacity as 10000 mAh, even if it is used as a mobile battery, it seems no problem at all.

Of course it is also possible to charge the smartphone with "Mobile battery only 10000 mAh to place for Nintendo Switch". People who usually carry a mobile battery from usual will be able to charge the Nintendo Switch in case of emergency if you normally use "mobile battery 10000 mAh to put aside for Nintendo Switch" everyday.

Actually using it, the ordinary high capacity mobile battery is equipped with the stand and the USB - C port, but it has become a mobile battery that can realize the big difference if there is a little difference between it I will. People who usually carry a mobile battery from everyday can charge the Nintendo Switch when it comes to just changing it to this, so it is highly recommended for those who bring out the Nintendo Switch outside.

In addition, "Nintendo Switch put only for mobile battery 10000 mAh" is sold at Sankoreamo shop at 3580 yen including tax.

For Nintendo Switch put as much as mobile battery 10000mAh | Hobby, game | Sankoreramono shop

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