Looking at the construction scenery of Apple's spacecraft-type new company "Apple Park" with satellite photos, it looks like this

Apple's new building, which is said to have a total construction cost of 5 billion dollars (about 560 billion yen)Apple Park"Has a variety of features such as its original appearance and passive ventilation system that allows you to live without air conditioning, the extensive site area of ​​175 acres (about 15 Tokyo Dome), 9 months of the year, the world's largest curved glass It has become a building with. Approximately 2 years of construction of such Apple Park, 18 seconds movie to follow with satellite photograph will provide satellite photography servicePlanetIt is published by.

Up goes Apple HQ - YouTube

The movie starts from the satellite picture around September 2015 when the construction started, and the time when the picture was taken at the bottom of the screen is marked.

Planning has started before the stage where satellite photograph exists. The mock of the new office building is released in 2013, and it is natural, but it is natural that it actually is the appearance of Apple Park which was completed in 2017. At the pre-construction stage I was called "Apple Campus 2", but the official name is "Apple Park".

When you make an Apple headquarters spacecraft type new building with a miniature solid model this feeling - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, in 2014, a concept movie of the new office will be officially released from Apple. Looking at the concept movie, "Electricity is covered with 100% renewable energy" "Biofuel buses and more than 1,000 bicycles are prepared," "80% of the land will be colored green after completion of the new building It is clear that it is an environmentally conscious building such as "becoming" a natural ventilation system, and fresh natural wind can be felt even in the office ".

Apple releases a concept movie of a spacecraft type new building - GIGAZINE

And footage shot in August 2014. It was photographed at the stage when work on site was just started, but we can not see the shape of the building yet, it seems to be reinforcing the ground etc.

Movie taken of Apple's new building scheduled to be completed in 2016 with GoPro from the sky - GIGAZINE

And the satellite picture taken on September 15, 2015 displayed in the movie is.

Satellite picture on 23rd September 2015. It seems that there is some change in the lower left corner of a donut shaped building.

There is also a construction scenery movie taken in Drone from August 20 to September 2015, and you can see the state at the initial stage of construction. The basic part of the donut type building is full.

Movie taken by Apple with drone in the near-future type new company "Apple Campus 2" under construction - GIGAZINE

The satellite photograph on 20th October 2015 has not changed much from the previous stage.

Satellite photograph of November 21, 2015 seems to be getting the height of the building as a whole.

Satellite photograph of December 31, 2015.

Construction scenery taken with drone as of April 2016. You can take a closer look at the construction of new buildings, parking lots, research facilities, fitness centers and so on.

The latest image of the masterpiece that aerialized Apple's new headquarters "Apple Campus 2" in the near future - GIGAZINE

Satellite picture of 12th May 2016. Solar panels are starting to line up on the ceiling of donut shaped buildings.

Satellite picture of July 25, 2016. About 30% of solar panels are filling up.

Satellite photograph of August 7, 2016. More than half of the panels were installed.

Satellite picture on 3rd September 2016.

Satellite photograph on 7th October 2016. Small dots start to line up in the upper part of the donut shaped building.

Satellite picture of November 15, 2016. The green gradually increases.

Satellite picture of December 18, 2016. Installation of the solar panel is completed.

Although the new building was aiming for completion within 2016, it will eventually carry over in 2017. The movie taken at the stage of such completion is summarized in the following article. The shooting material is six months from July 2016 to December 2016.

Movie summarizing construction of Apple's new company "Apple Campus 2" completed in 2017 in 4 minutes - GIGAZINE

Satellite photograph on January 26, 2017

Satellite photograph on 14th February 2017

Apart from the new head office building in February 2017 Apple Park will be completed in April and the name of a small circular building used as auditorium and theater will be called "Steve Jobs Theater" It was revealed that it will become.

Apple's futuristic new office "Apple Park" finally completed, also has a huge theater named after Steve Jobs - GIGAZINE

Satellite photograph on March 29, 2017. From here around, green begins to increase inside the donut shaped building.

Satellite photograph on 21st April 2017

Satellite photograph on 20th May 2017

In May 2017, a movie reflecting about the completion of Apple Park in about one year's worth of images was also released.

A movie that looks back on the construction of Apple's new building "Apple Park" over the course of a year with Drone's aerial shots - GIGAZINE

Also a movie that shows the state of Steve Jobs Theater.

Shows the inside of the auditorium "Steve Jobs Theater" for Apple events with 4K aerial shots of Apple's new company "Apple Park" - GIGAZINE

Although it is an Apple Park that opened in April 2017, it is said that 12,000 employees work, so moving work is said to last six months.

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