Toyota's partner robot launches a test program to support the lives of people with severe disabilities

Partner robot supporting disabled people "Human Support RobotToyota, an automobile manufacturer developing HSR, launched a test program that actually supports life in homes of people with severe disabilities.

You can tell what kind of robot HSR is, by seeing the following movie.

Human Support Robot I The Toyota Effect | Toyota - YouTube

A picture of a US soldier developing in Afghanistan.

Romy Camargo was injured in the cervical vertebra in the mission in Afghanistan.

Mr. Camargo, who has a serious disability, moves every day with a special wheelchair.

I can not send my daily life without the help of my family.

"Toyota Partner Robot Group" of Toyota's robot research team in North America. Developing is a home care robot that supports everyday life such as disabled people and elderly people.

"Today's first task is to open the entrance door"

HSR has two lenses like eye.

The button where the QR code is affixed to the destination where HSR headed.

HSR reached out and touched the button. Apparently it seems to be unlocking training which assumed dedicated button to unlock the entrance.

Toyota is an automobile manufacturer, but he said he is studying to help people move. Robot development is a technology that gathers all kinds of technology, said Alison Sackson, who develops HSR.

A state of HSR movement displayed on the computer.

Beyond the eyes of HSR ......

Water bottle with QR code pasted.

HSR grabs a water bottle firmly with a hand like a magic hand ......

I lifted it for a while.

Then, go to the wheelchair men ... ...

I offered it to my mouth. Assuming disabled people who can not use both hands, we can help you drink water.

HSR housed in a box.

When the door of the box opened, it was Mr. Camargo's home.

HSR from box.

Camargo is watching the robot with a mild smile.

From this day, HSR will conduct a test program to support Camargo's daily lives with severe disability.

Buttons ......

Paste QR code on household goods.

Test to open the door.

Successfully pushing the button.

Mr. Camargo's son Andreas came home and was looking interested in HSR.

To touch the word "Water" with a stylus ......

Mr. Camargo. Test to command HSR has started.

Mrs Camargo looks anxiously.

HSR headed to the kitchen ......

I grabbed a water bottle with water.

Then come to Mr. Camargo and present a water bottle.

I was able to respond to Mr. Camargo 's order brilliantly.

Camargo waiting in front of the entrance door.

HSR pushes the button to open the door.

Successful to release the door lock.

Camargo is also satisfied.

HSR succeeded to support Camargo's life admirably.

"It is irreplaceable to improve the quality of life for the whole family," Mrs Camargo said.

"Robots like HSR that support everyday life are very big for people with severe disabilities," Camargo said.

HSR is ...

Andreas and you gucci.

Toyota said "KIROBO mini"In addition to small robots such as robots that support rehabilitation"Well walk WW-1000"We are also developing such as automated driving cars and artificial intelligence, we are focusing on comprehensive robot business.

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