Rio / Paralympic Official Movie "We're The Superhumans" to show the possibility of how much human beings can train

In recent years, the Paralympic Games, a celebration of sports by persons with disabilities sent a cheering cheer for the Olympic Games, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016. For the Rio · Paralympic Games, the official trailer movie where you can realize the fierce and impressive sports of disabled sports with overwhelming forceWe're The Superhumans"Has been released.

We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer - YouTube

The drum sounds and the movie starts.

A drummer with no hands manipulates the stick with his feet and is ringing the drum.

Every orchestra is a person with disabilities.

Wheelchair vocals all over the phrase "Yes, I Can (I can)".

Everything that appears in this promotional movie is those with disabilities in the body.

An athlete with one foot on the prosthesis ... ...

I showed a magnificent high jump.

A woman working in an office. Even if you do not have both hands. I'm working on a phone call without problems.

A girl carrying a bowl in his mouth for dex with a foot.

A woman who babies a baby.

Archery is possible even without both hands.

By the operation with feet ......

Even drifting is possible.

A superb tap dance by men and women of the prostheses.

Rhythmic piano accompaniment is also performed by men with obstacles in both hands.

Male wheel chair wearing a helmet ... ...

Just like a stuntman, I jumped out of the window.

The scene changes at the next moment, when the gun rings, ...

Track and field athletes started all at once.

Of course the prosthetic runners. With dynamic feet fighting, I will move to Gunbo speed.

I used the whole body to such an extent that it is not wheelchair fencing.

A man who plays a guitar as if sending cheers.

Also players playing with feet.

Suddenly, a signal like a man to be quiet "Sea" is sent, and the performance stops.

The blind football players chase the ball in response to the bell sound.

The Paralympic Games of amateur sports celebration by persons with disabilities.

The gathering is the players who trained their body to the limit.

I will refine not only physical strength and skill but also mental strength and compete in the world's highest honor.

To the pilot who steers the plane with the leg ......

A woman who operates a self-operated refueling machine with a foot. By training, you will be impressed that human ability can be enhanced so far.

In the Paralympic Games, a festival of athletes who challenge the limitations of human beings, in recent years, the Olympic games are undoubtedly devoted.

The scene changed, "Unfortunately it is rejected" and the interview scene.

A man who is discouraged.

A wheelchair basketball player shouting as "Yes, I can (I can do!)" Enough to blow such a depressed feeling.

Violent bumps. The mental power which does not even make a tough battle is transmitted.

Men who cry "Everest is supposed to be able to climb" ...

Even if you have hand injury, do a brillardling (free climbing) brilliantly.

Even with disabilities, mixed martial arts and ...

Karate is also ant.

Children have infinite possibilities.

Enjoy football with prosthetic legs ......

It is OK to play a trampoline.

A boy who holds a prosthetic hand at all.

The prosthetic girl jumped to her mother.

The climax is a man of a wheelchair running down a steep slope.

With the speed rising slowly ... ....


Many audiences watched and made a big jump successful.

The Rio · Paralympic Games where the phrase "WE'RE THE SUPERHUMANS (We are superhuman)" can see the perfect physical condition of the body is the period from September 7, 2016 to September 18, 2016 after the end of the Rio Olympic Games It would be held.

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