Movie that understands the fascination of the Paralympics by a single shot

The 14 th Summer Paralympic Games are held in London from 29 August to 9 September, with the theme of "Live as one", but such Paralympic athletes are playing games A movie that reflects how to drive for practice is uploaded to YouTube.

Paralympics - London 2012 - Sport does not care who you are - Everyone can take part - Samsung - YouTube

A man without both feet on the poolside.

With your arms ......

Dive into the pool.

A blind man faces his opponent in a judo match.

A road racer without a left foot.

I will go out on a basketball court with a wheelchair

"Everyone, return to baseline!" Coach giving instructions to players with a bold voice

This woman is ... ....

I will put on my right foot with my prosthetic limbs

Tire of wheel chair running basketball court

Road racing bicycle

To Judo players who struggle with games ......

"What happened, change body position, Come on!", The coach will skip the instructions

The place changed and again poolside

Coach walking with a voice to the players here

A player who has a look that is likely to suffer to raise the barbell

I will send encouragement

Even against the road racer ......

"What's wrong? Your legs are not moving at all"

"I'm moving!"

"Get out of there!"

Then the competitor who was pushed grabbed the opponent ......

Turn over the opponent's body.

Voice is raised to the athlete who plans to push up "It's faster!"


The forehead glows sweat.

"Not enough yet"

A movie taken with a smartphone ......

Check on the big screen and analyze problems during play

And again to the game

Barbell ......

I lifted it.

To the road racer ......

"Come on, it's much faster!"

The opponent the lady coach is crying is ...

Archery player

I will have all of the power each one has

And ...


One bottle

Toppling over

Into the water

Hit greatly

A player who smiles unexpectedly and a coach

"Try again"

"Let's make it heavier"

"Great, let's get going."

"Okay, let's go"

Shoot an arrow again

"I will return to the pool again"

And the word "sports does not matter who you are"

This is a supporter of the London Paralympic GamesSamsungA movie by. In sports, it is not a matter how much you are making money, what you believe, it is not a problem, just a message that you just join and win only with full power is important It was a movie that the fever of the players was conveyed, including the movie.

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