Amazing swing technique to rotate the bat in the air and swing it out

Josh Womack Outfielder who is active in triple A of minor league is a movie showing a phenomenal swinging method.

You can feel as if you are watching a magic trap with a movement like ignoring the laws of physics that the bat will leave the hand in the middle of the swing and rotate in the air and then return to Womack again.

Details are as below.
Womack gently holding the bat.
YouTube - Josh Womack's crazy bat skills at Long Beach Armada 2009 Training Camp

Swing start.

I will remove my hand from the bat on the way.

And then the bat turns crushed and again in the hands of Womack player.

The bat was pulled out as it was.

In the latter part of the movie, I show this swing swing continuously.

This is a movie by Womack player who makes a swing swing with a metal bat. In addition, Prentice Redman shows the performance of rotating the bat with one finger.
YouTube - Josh Womack and Prentice Redman Bat Tricks

A movie that fails after challenging rotation swing. After all it seems that it can not be managed easily.
YouTube - Garry Templeton II does not have the bat skills of Josh Womack

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