Tesla's Earlon Mask CEO is doing routine work every morning to improve productivity

BySteve Jurvetson

Advance development of reusable rocketSpaceXAnd "Fully automatic operationMr. Eulon Mask, who is CEO at Tesla and others who develops automobiles that realize "is known as one of the world's leading entrepreneurs. Routine work that Mr. Mask is doing every morningCNBC Make ItIt introduces.

Elon Musk's morning routine and top productivity tip

Ellon Mask says that 90% of his life is devoted to work at SpaceX and Tesla.

I will do everything else in the remaining 10% of the time.

Therefore, Mr. Mask has to do the work even when relaxing.

It seems that they are replying to e-mails even when they are spending time with children or drinking alcohol.

It seems that we used to depend on caffeine in the past, but it is said that it is decreasing the amount now.

Mr. Mask says he needs 6 hours of sleep every day to improve productivity.

On the other hand, Amazon's Jeff Bezos said he slept eight hours every day.

Bezos said, "If you reduce your sleeping time, you may think that you can get more productive time, but its productivity is a mystery," he says about the importance of sleeping.

Such a work Human Mask 's morning begins with taking 6 hours of sleep. The wake-up time is 7 o'clock in the morning, the first thing to do when getting up in the morning is "replying to important mail". The time to reply to this email is about 30 minutes. We only have breakfast in just 5 minutes and we are going to send 5 sons to school. After that, I take a shower and go to work by riding a car. And in the morning it will mostly spend discussions on engineering and design. Please note that Mr. Mask is a routine every morning for this series in the morning.

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