Elon Musk talks about `` college is a place to play and there is no need to go to college to learn ''

He serves as the CEO of SpaceX Tesla and space development company automakers

Elon Musk person said, which is known as one of the world's leading billionaires. Mr. Musk attended a conference held in Washington, DC , and in an open interview with the audience, he said, 'I do not need to go to college to study.'

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At the SATELLITE 2020 conference on March 9, 2020, Musk had time to answer questions directly from the audience in a public interview after the keynote. In response to a question asked by an audience woman, Musk replied, 'You don't have to go to college to study.'

You can actually see Mr. Mask answering the audience's questions from around 41:25 of the following movie.

Elon Musk, Founder & Chief Engneer, SpaceX-SATELLITE 2020 Opening Day Keynote-YouTube

`` Mr. Musk had previously said that college degrees should not be considered important, but looking at job listings in industrial fields such as Tesla and SpaceX, many jobs have at least a degree, if possible. It states that a master's degree is required. ' With that in mind, 'How do you think universities and industry can help the underprivileged, who have difficulty accessing colleges with scholarships, access them? Asks the woman. '

Musk responded, 'First of all, people don't have to go to college to learn things. OK?' When he wanted to study something, Musk said that the information needed for learning was essentially free, and he argued that the value of college was not in what he studied.

Musk argues that the college's value lies in 'training a lot of disgusting homework and learning hard work and training hard-working soldiers.'

He added that spending time with people of the same age before becoming a worker is also one of the goals of the university, saying, 'The university is basically a place to enjoy, and a place to prove that you can do chores. Yes, I don't think it's a place for studying, 'Musk said.

At the time of writing the article, Tesla's recruitment often requires a university degree, but Musk points out that the tide of requiring a university degree as a qualification is `` stupid '', and in the future Tesla He says he wants to remove the university degree from the application guidelines. Musk argues that his employees demand 'exceptional abilities,' not university degrees, stating that university degrees are not evidence of extraordinary abilities.

It's clear that some of the people who dropped out of college are excellent, Musk noted, Microsoft's co-founders

Bill Gates , Apple's co-founders Steve Jobs , and Oracle. Lists the names of people who will remain in the IT industry, including Larry Ellison , co-founder of the company. It emphasizes the pointlessness of claiming graduation from college.

Finally, Musk said, 'Did

Shakespeare go to college? Probably not.'

Musk has long taken the position that 'college degrees are not important,' and commented in 2014 that working in Tesla did not even require a high school qualification. He claims that he can work for Tesla or SpaceX without qualifications such as college graduation, as long as he can show 'evidence and achievements with extraordinary ability'. Mr. Musk's position on university education has been a topic at times, and he answered yes in December 2019 to the question 'Do you still need a college degree?' Was.

Mr. Musk has a degree in Economics and Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, but his graduate school at Stanford University, which went on to study high-energy physics, dropped out after just two days enrollment.

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