Seven things to be done for the final interview test when an entrepreneur is financed

ByOscar Rethwill

In order for startup to expand business it is necessary to acquire funds from venture capital and investors. Different color venture capital that instructs itself to finance from other venture capital to invest more in startup and to further develop businessY Combinator(YC)It is thought that it is a gateway to success and a lot of startups are narrow gates that hit the gate. I am from the YC program like thatZen 99Founder Tristan Jiah talks about the measures that entrepreneurs should do to pass the final interview exam imposed by YC and the mental attitude that should be done.

How to Prepare for the Y Combinator Interview

◆ 1: Assume every question in advance


Beforehand assuming any questions that may be heard. This is the first thing to do. You should write out as many questions as you can think of and consider each one. The interviewer at YC needs to prepare thoroughly because it will screw in as many questions as this even within 10 minutes.

◆ 2: YC graduates seek help
If you know entrepreneurs who have experienced the YC program, Mr. Zier says that you should certainly have a mock interview. YC There is no interviewer who can perform accurate simulation more than graduates. In addition, the reason is that if you are lucky you might get opinions on business ideas.

◆ 3: The answer is concise
If the response time exceeds 10 seconds, it seems that the interviewer of YC definitely blocks questions and makes questions. This is not because the answer is boring, it is not concise. It is important to answer briefly.

◆ 4: I do not waste my time

ByAlexander Boden

The interview time set by YC is 10 minutes too short. After entering the interview room and finishing the handshake quickly, you need to speak from yourself without waiting for a question. Mr. Zier advises omitting socializing instructions and immediately entering the main subject.

◆ 5: I can not take action by an interviewer
Not all interviewers are mean, but some have someone who throws a tough question. Even if you are a hard partner, you must not lose sight of yourself.

◆ 6: There is no need for all co-founders to speak
The start-up usually has a co-founded member, and in principle all co-founder participate in YC interview. However, it is not necessary for all members to speak at an interview at all. In fact Mr. Zier, Mr. Jia replied 98%, the founding partner seems to have just released a single word. According to Mr. Zier, the startup CEO is, so to speak, American footballQuarterbackIt is said that exact differences such as letting them answer in the special field of other members are required.

◆ 7: Weapons can not be used

ByJoe Loong

Although it is free to bring in various tools to make the presentation successful, the interviewer does not necessarily view it. There is no worry if it is prepared, but it is also important to "anticipate" unforeseen circumstances.

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