Tesla CEO Elon Musk could vote for President Trump, who says 'warming doesn't exist'

by Thomas Hawk

Tesla 's CEO Elon Musk, who develops electric vehicles that use sustainable energy, seems to be in the exact opposite of President Trump, who thinks 'warming does not exist.' However, when asked 'who to vote for' before the US presidential election in November 2020, Mr. Musk suggested that he might vote for President Trump.

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When asked who to choose for the November presidential election in an interview conducted by the New York Times, CEO Musk did not deny the possibility of voting for President Trump, saying, 'Listen to the debate of presidential candidates. I can't say anything without it. ' 'Maybe people want to see if Biden wins. If he does well, he will win the election,' he said, recognizing the situation in which many support Biden. So I suggested that the content of the debate would determine who to vote for. 'Maybe it's socially liberal, economically central, or to the right of the central,' Musk said of his political outlook, but 'what is clear is that he is not a communist.' '.

Mr. Musk believes President Trump has 'provided as much support as possible' to Tesla, which develops electric vehicles, despite the large support from the oil industry for its supporter, the Republican Party. That is. 'I've talked with the president many times about sustainable energy. Sometimes he's supportive, but after all, the oil and gas industry is so big that he gets more support. You can. The electric vehicle industry is small. '

Mr. Musk advised on climate change as a presidential advisor, but resigned after President Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement in 2017.

Since President Trump's idea is the opposite of Tesla, it was thought that the two sides did not agree, but he said that he has built a good relationship these days. Musk is not only Tesla space X has also served as CEO of, but Trump President addition ...... space X and NASA participated in the launch of the joint development and reusable rocket 'Falcon 9'

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President Trump has defended Tesla's factory, which was ordered to close due to the effects of the new coronavirus, 'should be reopened.'

Mr. Musk has since reopened the factory, ignoring the closure order.

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The debate on the issue ended on the morning of September 30, Japan time, and CNN's news program described the content as 'Shit show.'

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