Apple's co-founder Wozniak interviewed by a girl and talked about encountering Jobs and advising students

A 14-year-old junior high school student living in Orlando, Florida, Salina Kemchandani interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.Reach AStudentMr. Kemchandani who runs the site that is a large Wozniak fan knew that Mr. Wozniak happened to Orlando on Twitter and he gave an interviewI received a pleasant OKAnd that. In an interview, Mr. Wozniak talks about meeting with Steve Jobs and gives advice for students aiming at engineers.

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The interview started from the story of Wozniak's student days. Mr. Wozniak, who was taught by his father "It is important to study at school", was also particularly serious student at school to work in the future to earn money. Especially in mathematics, I was studying myself earlier than my classmates, so my result was top class. Since being good at mathematics, he began to be interested in science, and he was also interested in the structure of the radio outside the school and was trying to disassemble it. He showed himself as a technician from a childhood. In the sixth grade of elementary school, he seemed to have dreamed of becoming an engineer related to electronic equipment. Also, "I wanted to be a teacher next to an engineer, because I thought that the existence of a school teacher is very important for education."

Mr. Chem Chandani and Mr. Wozniak.

Mr. Wozniak was good at mathematics and he was doing his homework without doing his homework, but he was poor at poetry class. Everything, "Because it was so terribly geek, there were few friends in the school, only my friends in the neighbor who assembled the same kind of electronic equipment as I was playing.Therefore, communication skills and shortsuit skills I was not good at writing poetry, so I was not good at writing poetry.The teacher who read the contents told me that I was asked "What on earth were you doing?"

On the other hand, he seemed to love mischief, and he said he had made mischiefs countless numbers as friends and teachers. Among a number of mischiefs, even when Professor Chika changes his notes when he speaks in morning meetings, anecdotes when Professor Kohe reads the note at morning meeting, he said that even now friends talk while laughing. Although I was a mathematician and a geeky Wozniak boy, there was also a magical part of being mischievous.

According to the interview, Mr. Wozniak assembled a terminal related to computers for the first time when it is a junior high school second grader. The device is programmed so that it never loses in three rows (○ × games), with 100 transistors and diodes. It seems that the second grade of junior high school students seems to be too high level to make, and even those who had seen transistors in school were not even. Mr. Wozniak said, "That's the only device that had anticipated the era."

In response to the question "What should I do in my school days to become a great engineer," Wozniak says, "To be a great engineer, you must make products that are superior to anyone, teach at junior and senior high schools Only the basic thing is done and the university is not an exception.The teacher teaches what it is known to every student so it is important what to do outside the school. "

Also, "When your product is completed and released it will be evaluated as your engineer.If you do not release it, the product you made so hard is not worth to anyone, so" company " It is important to look for such people if you are not a businessman. "Even if you make a good product even if you go out to the world and do not help it, what does it mean? I emphasized that there was nothing.

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In addition, the story about the engineer continued, "In order to make a good product, it is not good unless you really want to use the product. Even if it is completed, it is trial and error to do" better to do better " Keep upgrading ... If you keep on doing this, you've never thought of anyone, you should be able to make the products that the world really needs. "

At the end of the interview I went to talk about meeting with Steve Jobs. Mr. Wozniak asked Jobs to meet, "When I was in college, I was doing programming related work parallel to my studies, at that time I was talking about my computer with my company's boss At that time I did not have enough money to buy chips.The boss who asked me asked "I want you to make a computer because I prepare chips". When I assembled a computer using a chip prepared by me, my boss said that "There is a person who wants to meet me" this time was Steve who introduced me, "Meeting with Mr. Jobs Explained.

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When I first met with Mr. Jobs, I talked about electronic equipment, life and music, and he said he was letting Mr. Jobs of 16 years listen to Bob Dylan's songs. Then they became friends, they founded Apple five years after their encounter. In talking about developing Apple I and Apple II, the question "What was Mr. Jobs doing?" Appears and Wozniak says, "Steve has little knowledge of hardware and software, designs are absolutely Because I was not able to do it, I did the development of Apple I and Apple II alone, Steve is not doing anything, "he said with laughter. However, "Jobs is a good understanding person, I was an excellent businessman," adding that Apple I and Apple II came into the world, that is, thanks to Mr. Jobs that the people served as products He emphasized.

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