'Apple succeeded because Jobs lacked technical skills,' Wozniak said.


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Steve Jobs, known as the founder of Apple, has a number of anecdotes, many books have been written and movies have been made. However, the figure depicted there may contain parts that are not true, and each time co-founder Steve Wozniak talks about the Jobs image he has seen. In that new episode, Wozniak said Apple was fortunate to succeed due to Jobs' lack of technical skills.

Apple at 40: Remembering when Steve Jobs went electric --CIO

Mr. Wozniak took the stage at the Q & A session of 'Future Transport Summit 2016' held in Sydney. He said most of Apple's success was due to the fact that 'Jobs wasn't an engineer.'

It is very famous that Steve Jobs was once banished from Apple, but later returned and released a hit product with iMac, iPod, iPhone, but according to Mr. Wozniak, who has been acquainted with before the establishment, Jobs has technical skills. It was said that it was in the interest of Apple that it was required to be concise to make it a human-centered design because it lacked.

In contrast to Jobs, Mr. Wozniak has always dreamed of 'having his own PC' since he was a kid, and he was a true engineer who assembled his own PC. The difference between the two personalities is in the movie ' Steve Jobs ', but due to the engineer's temperament as mentioned above, Mr. Wozniak who thinks that the computer should be an open system that can be freely exchanged parts and modified by the user, and the user Was drawn in the form of Jobs, which does not allow any hardware modifications. As a result, Apple was able to pursue the shape that Jobs wanted and create the iMac, perhaps because of the feeling and perspective that Jobs had because he was not an engineer.

by Charles Wiriawan

By the way, in this Q & A session, Mr. Wozniak also touched on the topic of 'artificial intelligence'. Mr. Wozniak is not only understanding the questions and answers written by artificial intelligence, but also answering and answering questions, Mr. Wozniak says that artificial intelligence is no longer acting like a robot but a human being, and the words that come out are He said it was a word of 'horrible'.

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