Movie 'jOBS' trailer depicting Steve Jobs' dropout from college dropout to success

Apple's founder Steve Jobs who sent out numerous innovative products such as Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, and iPad to the world. A trailer of the movie "JOBS (Jobs)" depicting his half life was released, as to how he had ideas with Steve Wozniak and his success and failure.

The story began shortly before Jobs founded Apple, when he went to university.

Wozniak created what is close to the PC prototype. However, since it was not an era when individuals have computers, it is not called "personal computer (PC)".

Jobs that are blocked by this

This computer will be named "Apple Computer I" and will be sold for $ 666.66.

They decided to start a business and they will talk to Mike Marka, an Employee of Intel then.

Jobs founded Apple was exactly the garage of this family home.

Marka decides to join Apple

"Apple Computer Inc." will draw attention.

Jobs in the meeting

When an objection comes out ...

Instantly "get out" and Bassari

A management team that is concerned that it will be a war with IBM at this rate.

Jobs to drive into development

And finally, Jobs is to be kicked out of Apple.

A trip to India

Jobs to devise an idea

An innovative chassis was released in 1998, iMac.

And Jobs stands himself at the recital ... ....

So, the release of the whole nation is decided on August 16th. Regarding disclosure in Japan, there is no information yet, including the Japanese title.

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