"Steve Jobs building NeXT" pursuing Steve Jobs who just founded NeXT

Steve Jobs left Apple after 1985,NeXT, IncWe founded a company calledMac OS XWe succeeded in the development of the operation system which becomes the basis of. However, it seems there were various difficulties at the time at the time, and Jobs was in such a situation that it was asked the real price as to how to lead NeXT. A movie published on YouTubeSteve Jobs building NeXT"Is a valuable video that records how Jobs of young people demonstrated leadership in the company they just created.

Steve Jobs building NeXT - YouTube

The movie is a NeXT office, designed logos such as IBM and WestinghousePaul LandIt starts with a scene when Mr. NeXT presents his logo to employees.

The logo showcase progresses in a mood that is friendly, and smiles are spilling from the face of Jobs.

Here is the NeXT logo.

New employees of NeXT agree with Jobs' vision and are with engineers who left Apple to develop new business.

In an interview Jobs stated his thought for the establishment of NeXT "I would like to develop products that can contribute to the development of advanced educational institutions such as universities in NeXT, with the goal of being equipped with state-of-the-art technology It is to sell products with prices that college students can purchase while doing "

In order to lead NeXT to success, Jobs held a training camp for management strategy at Pebble Beach in Carmel in December 1985. Jobs made a speech on the first day to plant employees with NeXT's management philosophy.

"The company called NeXT has a heart, we will make NeXT with passionate passion, customers who buy our products will support our passion. In order to establish NeXT, I never made NeXT for money. "

In the two-day training camp, a point was placed in each department of NeXT deciding the product design, shipping deadline, marketing strategy, etc. from the progress made so far.

Jobs said, "If you take a job of piling up in front of you, you seem to be getting down with too much unrealistic amounts, so that's why I sick employees about their company's vision. It will be courageous if you remember vision but remember your vision. "

In this training camp, two goals that are absolutely strictly confirmed were set. One is to keep the price of the product below 3000 dollars (400,000 yen at that rate) that can be purchased even by university students. The other thing was that Jobs interrupted the opinions of employees and prioritized the priority, "Shipment deadline is spring of 1987 which is 18 months later".

Some employees allege that "Shipment deadlines should be extended by one year" by pointing out problems that the product quality and design will be deteriorated so much that it is bound by the shipping deadline.

However, Jobs said, "This shipment deadline is a window of opportunity for us.When NeXT closes this window will fail, we can not do in 18 months, why can we do with 30 months?" I abort.

And in a new camp after 3 months Jobs said that "Honeymoon is over". Unlike so far, Jobs made a speech with a serious look. At the end of the speech I emphasized that "the most important thing is to get products at the best timing", that is, the shipping deadline is absolutely strictly observed.

Jobs says at the end of the movie, "What I am thinking is absolutely impossible to accomplish, not to be able to achieve, it is really wonderful to plant plant seeds that can change the world once it grows up" It is.

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