What to do if the browser acceleration technology that has been introduced to all users in the Firefox 54 "Electrolysis" does not turn on

"Firefox 54" released in June 2017, The multi-process technology that has been developed over eight years to speed up the operation of the browser "Electrolysis"Was released for all users. However, there are still cases where you can not receive this benefit even if updating to Firefox 54 in many user environments. The cause seems to be that it can not be turned on unless you take a cumbersome procedure depending on the add - on that is not compatible with this multi - process technology.

How to Speed ​​Up Firefox With Multi-Process, If It's Not Working By Default

According to The Hacker News, Electrolysis is enabled by default if it meets the conditions, it will not be effective if even one add-on installed in the browser is incompatible with Electrolysis And that.

First of all, in Firefox's address bar,About: support"And open the troubleshooting information page. "Multi-process window"Is"(Invalid by add-on)If it is displayed it is exactly the case.

In order to investigate which add-on is a problem, install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter (Add-on Compatibility Reporter) provided by Mozilla.

Add-on Compatibility Reporter :: Add-ons for Firefox

When installed, a green icon will appear next to the hamburger icon. Clicking on this ... ....

A list of add-ons and whether each is compatible with multi-process is displayed. The Add-on Compatibility Reporter you just installed now shows "Compatible with multiprocess" and it shows that it is compatible. On the other hand, it is an add-on in question that "Not Compatible with multiprocess" is displayed.

Likewise, whether add-on list screen (screen displayed by entering "about: addons" in the address bar in Firefox) shows whether multi-process is supported or not is displayed. If you want to receive multi-process support, you need to deactivate or delete the add-on that is listed as "Not Compatible with multiprocess" here.

To make further settings, enter "about: config" in the address bar. If you say "Use it with awareness of danger" is displayed, click the button to pass the warning, and "Browser.tabs.remote.autostartEnter.

Double click and set the rightmost column to "True".

Next on the search bar "Dom.ipc.processCountEnter. Double click on the line of "dom.ipc.processCount" that came out, and "Four"Please enter a number larger than 1 and click OK.

Check troubleshooting information again. If it is "1/1" here, the setting is completed. In addition, the column of the multi process window may be displayed as "0/1 (invalid by accessibility tool)".

In this case again "about: config" with the setting name "Accessibility.loadedInLastSession"confirm. If it is "true" then "False".

Then right click on the item "accessibility.lastLoadDate", click "Reset", and restart Firefox.

This is now activated.

Because Chrome assigns one process to one new tab, it will use the process each time you open a tab, eventually slowing down the behavior of the OS itself, not just the browser, Firefox expects Chrome users to review Firefox in The Hacker News as Firefox can limit memory consumption and performance degradation as the default maximum number of processes is 4.

However, some people say that it is meaningless to use Firefox by turning off the favorite add-on even if it is said that it is not multi-process compliant, so the add-on side's correspondence and "correspondence to non-compliant add-ons" I also want you to manage somehow.

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