Headline news on May 25, 2017

HTC NIPPON can move around VR space The world's only mobile VR headset "LINKWe announced.

HTC NIPPON announces the world's only mobile VR terminal "LINK" that can move around the VR space. Tie-up with "Ghost in the Shell ARISE"! | HTC Japan

LINK is the same as HTC Vive which can be immersed in the body within the VR space by connecting with "HTC U 11" released on May 166 DoFIt is a compatible VR headset, and the combination of high performance CPU and VR lens enables instant synchronization of VR viewing screen and body movement. VR screen and user's discrepancies in vision are reduced, making viewing and experiencing easier and allowing VR to be experienced for a long time.

The specifications of LINK are published as follows. Since the hand controller is enclosed, it is supposed to be expected as a mobile VR headset that makes it easy to experience HTC Vive anywhere as long as HTC U11 is available.

Head Mound Display SizeApproximately 197.69 mm (width) x 116.61 mm (height) x 167.33 mm (depth)
Head mounted display weight554 g (provisional value) * USB (Type-C) Including Y cable
Viewing angleAbout 110 degrees
Head mounted display batteryAbout 2,800 mAh
displayAbout 3.6 inch AMOLED X 2 (1080 x 1200 pixels each, 90 Hz refresh rate)
External connectionUSB (Type-C) Y cable, 3.5 mm audio jack
Bundled items1 stereo camera
Two 6 DoF controllers
1 LED marker for HMD
2 straps for controller
4 AA alkaline batteries
1 earphone
Compatible modelsHTC U 11

Also, according to the launch of LINK animation "Ghost in the Shell ARISE"We also decided to collaborate with, and that the special content will be released in sequence.

On the special page "HTC U11" below which will be opened from 21 o'clock on 25th, "HTC U11 × Ghost in the Shell ARISE Tisher Movie" will be made public as the first content of the content.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Securities companies anticipate Nintendo's new portable game machine "MH", a big topic abroad - GIGAZINE

The ultimate universal survival knife "MSK-1" packed with all necessary functions for survival - GIGAZINE

China accounted for 70% of Bitcoin mining, former developers announced that the experiment was a failure - GIGAZINE

Devices that may be "iPhone 6c" mistakenly appeared on the Apple Store for a moment, the images are GIGAZINE

Succeeded to fertilize sperm from skin cells - GIGAZINE

Free application "App De statistics" that allows you to see various government statistical data - GIGAZINE

Top 20 thirteen popular tourist cities chosen by travelers who travel around the world Top 25 - GIGAZINE

Risk of developing various diseases from mental illness to sexual dysfunction when sleeping for less than 7 hours continues - GIGAZINE

We ate "breakfast limited" menus including fluffy pancakes with "pancake specialty store Butter" - GIGAZINE

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It's too big! It is! It is! "Heart" of "blue whale" is released at the museum in Canada (with images) - Aqua Catalyst

Epileptic seizure reduced by about 40%, research pictures with cannabis component 1 international news: AFPBB News

Increased risk of heart disease death due to lack of sleep, US research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

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Reuters company survey: Toshiba delisting "37%", "carefully" 58% | Reuters

Meiji: "Carl" discontinued Sales in the Chubu region Eastern sales stagnation - Mainichi Newspapers

Meiji, a leading confectionery company, announced on May 25 that it would stop selling snack candies "Carl" in the eastern region. It will end production in the area in August and it will disappear from the shop in September. In Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture west western Japan area, only "Karl cheese azu" and "curl uu aji" will be sold.

Broken wide crash alarm operates Oita Bungoono | NHK News

Tsukiji market: Detection of harmful substances exceeding standard value from dozens of soils - Mainichi Newspaper

"Intention of Prime Minister" document, department responsible department before the presentation Testimony by the undersecretary testimony: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Kihei Maekawa (62), who was a minister of Education Science and Technology until January this year, announced that the school corporation "Kogei Gakuen", a prime minister's friend who will serve as Chairman of the Prime Minister, will establish a Department of Veterinary Medicine in the National Strategy Special Zone I responded to the interview of the Asahi newspaper in Tokyo, Tokyo. Mr. Maekawa testified that the document was stated as "Prime Minister's Intention" from the Cabinet Office to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Regarding the establishment of the department of veterinary medicine, he said that the study was advanced on the premise of Junko Gakuen, "the administration was distorted."

Mr. Maekawa's question as "Ideas of Prime Minister" I am concerned: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Proceed to check things like garlic at Saitama Higashi-nama Station | NHK News

Inquiries visualization, 70% of cases subject to judge judgment FY 2004: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Obama Care Alternative Law, Insured by 23 million people by 26 years Budget Bureau picture 1 International News: AFPBB News

Tokyo Motor Show, the organizer also inflated too much loneliness enough to make an exhibitor list? (Mitsuhiro Kunizawa) - Individual - Yahoo! News

The exhibitors of the Tokyo Motor Show were announced. Looking at the list, industry stakeholders do not hide surprises as "Are they in such a serious situation?" The Tokyo Motor Show has been canceled overseas manufacturers a couple of times over the past few times and it is embarrassing to say that it is an international show now. Many of the world's leading car producers such as the United States, traditional Britain, Italian forces are not even visible.

Birds Removal Kara Awards: 300 requests for prey reclamation requests in Kagoshima - Mainichi Newspapers

In the case of Kirishima-shi, when applying for compensation cost, it is necessary to submit both ears and tail together, in addition to the photograph of the captured animals. The method of injustice was applying a photograph taken by changing the angle of the same individual as another individual or submitting the tail of individuals caught in the normal hunting season (autumn to the following spring) .

Repayment expenses are paid to wild boars and deer captured in addition to normal hunting season, and 12,000 yen including one for national subsidies per adult. On the other hand, 260 people (as of April this year) were captured in Kirishima City, and the application for the year was 3031 in 2013, 2680 in FY 2002, and 3150 in FY 2003 -.

According to the stakeholders, when examining the application of the entire city from FY 2001 to FY 2004, which requested the application to attach a photograph, there were at least 300 false applications. The city plans to clarify the findings during this month, but assuming that all are adults of wild boar and deer, the amount of fraudulent income will be 3.6 million yen by simple calculation.

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KEISUI ART STUDIO | DIY · Challenging cool accessories.

Nagoya · Legoland: Admission fee for 4 family members, up to 25% price reduction - Mainichi Newspapers

Waseda girls who were referred to as defects due to hard of hearing people are talking about. "What is the meaning of living anymore?" And so on, etc. - Togetter Summary

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Kikuyo chan is the best story for a lonely person.

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(PDF file)Attention around the world! Finger spinner playing by rotating with your finger "G Gee (Gravity gravity: gravity)" felt on your fingertips! Various tricks too! Launched in toy stores nationwide, released in mid-June 2017

Sony's toy, announced 6/1. - YouTube

Google Developers Japan: TensorFlow Benchmark and New High Performance Guide

How to respond to images in HTML 5 Conclusion - VASILY DEVELOPERS BLOG

People who confuse RAM and ROM with the topic of PC memory 32GB - Togetter Summary

The painful news (No ∀ `):" How to tie the squid "pointed out abuses to the animation" Please become a squid feeling "- Livedoor blog

Although Microsoft's girlfriend ignores the pull request, thanks to the sender of DM, but eventually it was merged - Togetter Summary

Install VisualEditor on MediaWiki | Tohoku Geek

Currently, we use Google Sites to operate our internal wiki. However, on Google Site "MediaWiki and VisualEditor Plugin" will be installed on a new internal server because "There is no automatic linking function for words such as Hatena keyword and Nico Nico encyclopedia."

VisualEditor is a plugin for MediaWiki, so when you introduce it you can post articles to Wiki with WYSIWYG like word processing software without using Wiki notation.

SOFTBANK: US $ 4 billion holding NVIDIA shares levied to -4th placeholder - Bloomberg

A paper by Ritsumeikan University exposes the pixian R - 18 novel including BL as a sample of unauthorized and harmful information as a flame - up Togetter Summary

Concerning the matter of the topicized pixiv paper Summary by people who are a little experts on research ethics issues - Togetter Summary

Suddenly JK who got Pasopia IQ suddenly appeared on twitter Osassun taught MSX-BASIC and program a game - Togetter Summary

"From the actual example" The official site of the exhibition disappears immediately after the end "- Fighting against enemies fairly on a daily basis

Notice of changing IP address of authoritative DNS server (ns2.dns.ne.jp) | Sakura Internet

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Good news for the Shabunabata pro gamer. High spec gaming seat chair release that you can concentrate on the game at the best position. | Beads Corporation | be-s.co.jp

A girl who calls a lower life star of the theatrical version of Magic course high school / Magic class / bean shiba collaboration CM 1st bullet - YouTube

Wrinkle at the top! Key story | Tanaka Kohei's blog My Quest for Beauty

Works about 30 years ago when I was in charge of music "Hit top"
Directorial debut work by Mr. Anno of Eva.
Mr. Takanashi of Bangnam who regrettably was the producer of this work the other day
When I was passed away, I got a sad feeling as one of them decreased,
Today I will write a story about a different key.

The first and second works of this work have a gap of 12,000 years from the story.
In other words, 2 is a story called 1 ten thousand years later.

I wrote the ending theme of this work "Beyond the River of Time" 1,
And composed 2 with the title of "Do not make the standing bird mark muddy".

Although each theme is similar to each other melodies and harmonies
It made it slightly different.

This means that the details have changed in the course of this song being passed down during a long time
It means.

And, (main theme from here)
"Compared to 1, I composed a 2 semitone higher by a semitone dramatically"

【Financial Summary】 January / March of 32 game companies · ... Mixi overwhelms profit with operating profit of 30 billion yen, gains huge for the first time in 8 quarters and deficit entering 9 brands in the deficit | Social Game Info

Two champions Miura Kuzu wants to play in the future, three players "Shigeta Fujii, Ryuu Watanabe, Hashimoto-kun."

About Miura Hiroyuki Kudan 's false accident [A reconciliation has been reached between Hiroyuki Miura Kuroda and the Japanese Shogi League] | Shogi Penkura Blog

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The viewing method can be confirmed from the following page. It corresponds to PSVR, iOS, Android, Gear VR.
Let's enjoy immersive feeling which has never been seen with VR movies! - DMM.com

KAT - TUN former member arrested Sei Tanaka suspected marijuana | NHK News

Practicing at Hanshin Tororiya Face Guard "I'm strangely watching" - Baseball: Nikkan Sports

Dangerous Yoshikawa Hikaru of exiting ball, direct apology Toriya "I do not mind" to "I'm sorry": Nanjiji Stadium @ N J Summary

Former Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes NPB active player wwww: Nikkan Yakiso bulletin

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Deliciously relaxed low sugar ♪ "Meiji Rocabono Cafe latte / fruit latte" "Meiji Rocabono Custard Pudding" newly launched | Meiji Co., Ltd.

May 26th is Premium Friday!

Following the premium Friday on May 26th (Friday), the same month as the previous month, the opening hours of the same day from 18 o'clock until the end of the day, "Ginza Lion" nationwide "YEBISU BAR" (YEBISU BAR black wall sheepskirt store first part Except), we will offer you a variety of Ebisu Draft beer at half price.

【Preliminary】 Premium Friday 31 Ice Cream

Any regular ice cream can be picked up and taken home. Variety pack 6 pairs (regular size) will be purchased and we will purchase one regular single cone gift certificate.

(PDF file)"Soup" will disappear from Soup Stock Tokyo on Saturday, June 16th and Saturday 17th

Showa Women's University and KFC Collaboration Planning 3rd Healthy, Tummy Satisfaction! "Plenty of vegetable chicken wraps" 2 species released May 31 (Wed)! ~ Champagne rap sand with rich colors and looks fun, released only at stores ~

Kirin Brewery releases 'Brooklyn Lager' bottle nationwide | 2017 | News Release | Giraffe

On June 10 supervised the day of milk caramel "Morinaga Milk Caramel" × "McFluely" "McFleurie Morinaga Milk Caramel" ~ Developed at the McDonald's stores nationwide from Wednesday May 31st | 2017 | News Release Morinaga

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