How wonderful was the music of the movie "Blade Runner"

Continuation of the movie "Blade Runner" released in 1982"Blade Runner 2049" was released on 27th October 2017. Ridley Scott, who is the director of the previous work, is in charge of the overall production, and Deckard, the main character of the previous work, has been decided to be re-appearing as Harrison Ford plays, but musicVangelisNot,Johann JohanssonIt is supposed to be in charge. So Evan Puschak, who is active in YouTube under the name of "Nerdwriter", is quite passionate about how wonderful the music by Vangelis at "Blade Runner" was.

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Vangelis is a Greek musician who has worked on many film music besides "Blade Runner" and has won the Academy Award Original Composition Award in "Ranner of Flame". As mentioned earlier that "Blade Runner 2049" is no longer Vangelis, Puschak said "I can not imagine such things". The reason is that "Music of" Blade Runner "is beyond music". In other words, music of "Blade Runner" is an indispensable existence in the work, it is a claim that it should not be replaced with other things.

What Puschak feels is that in "Blade Runner" music is not "added later" or "attached" in the work, but "sound design" "dialogue (serif)" along with the work It means that it was baked in DNA. The point that these three are integrated is that "Blade Runner" is greatly different from other SF movies.

About 30 years from using Thermin at Bernard Herman's "Day of Earth Stilling" published in 1951, during this time the electronic music was SF.

Besides Herman, Lewis & Bebe Baron, who was in charge of music at the "Forbidden Planet" published in 1956, is known. At this time, when expressing a planet of an alien, he was aroused with the image "bending or distorting electronic sound"

In such a circumstance, "Blade Runner" has gone midway between the melodic music of "Forbidden Planets" and the magnificent symphony of "Star Wars".

As a characteristic of the sound of "Blade Runner", Mr. Puschak raises "Reverb (Reverb)".

It is a famous machine of the digital reverb ingestion periodElektro-Mess-Technik"EMT 250" made in 1976 was born only six years ago when "Blade Runner" was released, but Vangelis was a masterpiece of making sound of this hand.

In addition, when Vangelis makes music of "Blade Runner", Yamaha's synthesizer "CS 80"Was used.

CS 80 is a famous machine that expresses "a living breathing singer" and is also a synthesizer deeply related to calling Vangelis the most important synthesizer of his career, and Wikipedia English version "CS 80 "Article has" Vangelis "item is set up. Although the key is sometimes sensitive, CS 80 is said to have produced even "acoustic" sounds, but this point was exactly consistent with making the sound of "blade runner".

However, while listing the good points of Vangelis, Puschak seems to be expecting Johann Johansson who is in charge of music with "Blade Runner 2049". Johannson has worked with Duni Villeneuve, director of "Blade Runner 2049", with "Borderline" (2015) and "Message" (2016) since "Pronzers" released in 2013, and this is the fourth time The tag. Puschak commented "If you are Johannson's position, you will resist the impulse of wanting to completely copy Vangelis", then how Johansson interprets "Blade Runner" and makes music It seems that I am looking forward to the point of making it.

The sequel work will inevitably have great expectations, so if you find an uneasy factor there is more to worry than necessary, but in the "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" J. J. Abrams is a spectacular fan As I have created a work that meets the expectations of "Blade Runner 2049" I also want to expect good things to be born with Tag by Director Villeneuve and Johansson.

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