I tried using the foldable keyboard "iClever IC-BK03" which connects wirelessly with a smartphone and can hit characters like a PC

When writing sentences on the go, when you want to use the keyboard instead of hitting the smartphone, but when carrying the laptop computer is heavy, you can usually carry it in a compact state by folding, portable, connect with the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth Keyboard that can be used "IC-BK 03It seemed convenient, so I actually purchased it and tried using it.

IClever | Official Website

A box written as "Foldable Wireless Keyboard" is packaged.

The inside of the box looks like this. Main body · Charging cable · User guide · Instruction manual · Warranty card etc. were included.

This time when I purchased it with Amazon, Japanese instruction manual was also included, there was nothing troubling with operation.

The main body was wrapped in a cover and stand. The size when cover is stored is 19.4 × 14.4 × 2.8 cm, and the weight was 310 g in actual measurement.

The cover looks like leather.

If you open the magnet type cover with cheeks ... ...

The main body came out. It is said that aluminum alloy is used for the material, it is metallic but there is no cheapness.

Looking from the side like this, equipped with a Micro - USB port for charging. The keyboard is folded in three, and the lower half of the following image opens and deforms.

There is nothing particularly on the left and right sides.

The keyboard can be opened crisply.

The cover which wrapped the keyboard transformed to such a feeling ......

Change to a smartphone · tablet stand. IPhone 6s Plus is used in the following image, but it supports not only iOS terminal but also Android · Windows OS.

In addition, pulling out the foot in the direction of the arrow ... ...

You can adjust the angle of the smartphone in two steps.

Even though I put the iPad Air, there was no problem at all.

Until you remove the keyboard from the case and set up the smartphone, you can check from the following movie.

I tried installing iClever's Bluetooth keyboard - YouTube

When I installed the keyboard and iPhone, it looked like this.

Since the keyboard is fixed as "click" when opened, it will not return to its original form even if you change the angle or turn it backward after opening it.

Opening iClever's folding keyboard "IC-BK03" looks something like this - YouTube

When you open the keyboard it automatically turns on and the power indicator glows green for several seconds.

Pressing the Fn key and Bluetooth key at the same time ...

The Bluetooth indicator lights up in blue.

In this state, tap "Bluetooth" from "Settings" and tap the device starting from "iClever".

Next, select the OS of the terminal to use on the keyboard side. Since this time is an iPhone, press the Fn key and the "E" key written "iOS" at the same time.

It is complete. After that you can use the keyboard as usual. However, iClever has several features, such as "Ctrl + copy with C" can not be used as it is.

Shortcuts are designed to combine the Fn key and numeric keys, such as "Copy with Fn + 3" and "Paste with Fn + 4", and the shortcut list is described in the instruction manual.

Since small icons are also written on the keyboard, it is possible to use it unless you bother to explain with the instructions and get used to it.

The size when opening the keyboard is 25.4 × 9.1 × 0.8 cm, and when you hit a letter with a woman's hand it will look something like this.

Conversion of Japanese alphanumeric characters from Capslock.

Press the Fn key and Esc ... ....

You will return to the home screen.

The key stroke is about 2 mm, and there is a sense of key impression properly.

You can see how you actually use it from the following movie. Nexus 6 is used in the movie, but the problem is not pear at all on the Android terminal. It is also possible to use it in Windows OS in the same way.

I tried using iClever's folding keyboard "IC-BK03" - YouTube

The most interesting thing when trying to use is that there are no shortcuts such as copy & paste and fullselect as shortcuts, but there is no function of "undo with Ctrl + Z" and "redo with Ctrl + Y". People who are used to using these features on a PC may be a bit inconvenient. On the other hand, since it is much smaller than the PC keyboard, the arrangement of the PC and the keys differed slightly, and at the beginning I made a mistake. However, this is a familiar problem, so it seems that you will not mind while using it. On the way, there were times when the connection with the iOS terminal did not work well, but in that case it was no problem once you unregister the device and then reconnect it. There is a sense of keystroke when you are hitting a character, so when you want to take minutes of a meeting or want to quickly write on the go, such as "I do not even carry a notebook PC, but I want to type letters on the keyboard" It seems to be usable.

In addition, "IC - BK 03" can also be obtained from the following gift article.

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