Tesla finally started accepting reservations for solar panels "solar roof", estimate that if you get a positive profit in total for 30 years warranty

Solar panels and roof tiles that Tesla had announced were unitedSolar RoofWe started accepting reservations. According to the contents of Tesla's site it is also possible to give an estimate of the approximate amount of profit of about 2 million yen in 30 years in general households.

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Tesla announced the launch of solar roof acceptance on May 10, 2017. Euron Mask, CEO of the company, also tweets similar content on Twitter.

In the announcement at the end of October 2016, it was announced that four kinds of panels will be prepared for Solar Roof, but firstly acceptance of reservations was made with "smooth" and "textured" Two types.

The stone-like "slate" and the terracotta-like "Tuscany" will be handled in 2018.

"Smooth" is a panel with the simplest expression, it is possible to finish it as a roof of a calm image. I do not know at first glance, but in this state it has become a roof with built-in solar panel.

"Textured" features vertical lines, so colors are slightly different for each panel.

And "Slate" which is going to appear in 2018 is a panel containing the image of southern France.

"Tuscan" which is also scheduled to appear in 2018 is a panel of "terracotta" style which molds mud and baked. In this way, it is not a "solar panel" in any way, so it is a major feature of the solar roof that you can hardly distinguish it from its appearance even if you introduce a solar panel.

Also, it is also advantageous that solar panels are difficult to see from people's eyes. If it is from an angle close to 90 degrees to the panel, you can see a black panel body as follows ... ...

When viewed from a shallow angle, it seems like a very ordinary roof tile in this way, so it is an advantage that it is hardly seen in conventional solar panels that the appearance is not affected and not damaged.

Although solar roof is mainly made of glass material, it is announced that there is no problem in practicality because it has high durability even compared to ordinary terracotta and slate tile.

Actually, it is published by Mr. Mask's Instagram that it is testing with hail (hail) of 5 cm in diameter.

Slo-mo hail cannonball impacting Tesla solar roof tile

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Although it is an anxious price and guarantee system, it is estimated to be 21 dollars and 85 cents (about 2500 yen) per square foot (about 0.09 sq. Meter), according to estimates. In addition, the tile is guaranteed "indefinite or the life of the house whichever is earlier", and the guarantee of power guarantee and weather resistance is set to 30 years. Although it is difficult to compare such as "1 kw per" because detailed specifications such as power generation amount is unknown, Tesla can supply electric power for one room in combination with "power wall" of household power storage device It seems to be doing.

Also, it is also possible to put an address in the site and make an estimate. (Limited to USA etc. · Japan does not correspond at the time of article creation)

Tesla Solar | Tesla

Establishing and estimating the residential area of ​​San Francisco, I got an energy equivalent to 67,700 dollars (about 7.55 million yen) in 30 years and the installation cost of solar roof "$ 472 thousand (about 5.4 million Together with the installation cost of the power wall "7000 dollars (about 800,000 yen: price set in Japan 696,000 yen)", the discounted tax system etc., it is 26,800 dollars (about 3 million yen) in 30 years It was supposed to be profitable.

Since these are rough estimates, it is necessary to contact Tesla specifically. In the United States, shipping and installation started in 2017, and in other areas it is planned to start in 2018. Tesla's Japanese site also has an inquiry window.

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