Where are the strengths that have the potential to make Tesla "Model 3" finally be delivered and become a "game changer"?

July 28, 2017, Tesla's popular price range EV "Model 3Delivery of "is initiated, delivered to the first 30 people who had a reservation was made. In fact by the model 3 to drive the Bloomberg, Model 3 is the pattern that has the potential to become a "game changer".

Driving Tesla's Model 3 Changes Everything - Bloomberg

There are over 3.6 million reservations from around the world finally being introduced car models, but the first delivery is limited to 30 people.

Model 3 follows the Tesla design so far, which places the battery under the floor.

It was chiefly the official of Tesla who was chosen as the first 30 people. It is also seen that by placing the actual car near the Tesla headquarters, even if trouble occurs, we will respond promptly and aim to reflect on the subsequent production.

According to the reporter actually holding the handle, the run was agile and the ride was good.

And more than anything, it seemed cool that being on the latest technology car.

One of the major features of Model 3 is the interior design.

We do not have a meter panel that displays information such as speed meter and water temperature of general passenger cars, and arrange a large display on the part of the center console.

All information is displayed on this display, you can display the map, and also adjust the air conditioner on this screen.

The glass roof which is set as an option has an outstanding feeling of opening and it is like a buildingAtriumIt is like having a feeling.

And model 3 is incredible with its battery unit price. To be precise, "Vehicle price against 1 mile travelable distance" is the cheapest car among EVs so far. In the model 3 long-distance battery specification with a vehicle price of $ 44,000 (about 5 million yen), it is possible to run 310 miles (about 499 km) with one charge and the vehicle price per mile is 142 dollars (About 16,000 yen). This is the cheapest unit price compared to other EV as shown in the table below.

The high safety is also an important point. In the "pole collision test" which can be said to be harsh in the collision safety test, it is said that it has safety exceeding the "Volvo S60" which has been the most safe. The left model 3 is not so deformed, whereas the right Volvo S60 shows that the car body is largely bent including the roof.

In this way, although model 3 has the low price and safety as unit price, Bloomberg raises the only weak point that "it takes time to deliver cars".

Although it is necessary to judge booking on the scale of 500,000 units, Tesla has no experience of producing such a scale. Therefore, in Tesla, at the first stage, we are making a negative crush by doing production at an extremely slow pace, and then we are making a strategy to raise the pace gradually. According to the production expansion plan called "S curve", it will expand to production scale of 5000 units per week and 20,000 units per month at the end of 2017 and expand to 50,000 a month at the end of 2018 about.

It may be increasing in the future to see the model 3 that has entered the so-called "popular price zone" from high-priced and high-class routes so far in town.

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