"Shapecatcher" which will find similar pictograms when drawing properly

Google drawing service "AutoDraw"When drawing a rough image, it was a mechanism that would make a candidate "to draw is this?" This is somewhat similar to the service "Shapecatcher" which gives candidates from the Unicode table based on hand-drawn illustrations "This is the character / symbol you want to draw?"

Shapecatcher: Draw the Unicode character you want!

Easy to use, draw characters and symbols you want to search in the drawing area drawn as "drawbox", and click "Recognize" below.

Then, candidates are displayed as strange like this. Although they all seem to be the same "maru", the first one is classified as "big circle (◯)", the second one is classified as boxed diacritical mark (⃝).

If you get the ideas you want, press "good" next to "Rate this suggestion" to add a score and the content will be improved in the future search.

Cyrillic characters "Д" "д" used as parts of mouth with emoticons will also appear like this.

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