The roof blows off while driving in a Tesla electric car, and the victim jokes to Elon Musk, 'Why didn't you say it's a convertible?'


model Y of Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer founded by Elon Musk, is the company's latest electric vehicle, which has been delivered since the fall of 2020. The user reports that the roof was blown off while driving on the highway with the model Y that had just been delivered.

Tesla convertible? Model Y roof flies off while owners drive down California highway --The Verge

Model Y has an all-glass roof overlooking the sky, which not only looks like it's made of glass, but also looks like it's integrated with the windshield.

Twitter user Nathaniel Galicia Chien reports that the roof of Model Y has blown away. 'Hey, Elon Musk. Why didn't you tell us that Tesla sells a

convertible ? Because the roof of my new model Y was blown off the freeway.' And posted a movie shot with Model Y, which has no roof.

According to Mr. Chien, when he was driving on the Interstate 580 California Line with the model Y he purchased, suddenly the sound of the wind began to be heard. At first, Mr. Chien thought that it was a wind noise because the windows were open, but 30 minutes later, he said that the glass covering the roof suddenly blew off in the wind.

According to Mr. Chien, the model Y roof glass blew off a few hours after receiving the model Y at a car dealership in Dublin, California. In addition, model Y has been reported with multiple initial defects such as a gap between the rear hatch and the rear bumper joint, and Mr. Chien also noticed some small defects at the time of delivery, but a bigger problem is the roof glass. He says he didn't notice something.

Tesla has been plagued by the quality of electric vehicles for years, and the Model Y is said to have exacerbated that problem. Model Y owners have reported various issues on their online forums, including painting, gaps between seams, and seat dents. However, this is the first report that the entire roof has blown off.

According to Mr. Chien, no one was injured in the model Y roof that was blown away. Mr. Chien immediately reported to the highway patrol and was forced to return to the Dublin dealer with Model Y. When Mr. Chien reported the problem, it seems that a Tesla service representative said, 'There was a defect in the roof seal, or for some reason the seal itself was completely forgotten.' In the future, Mr. Chien plans to buy a different car from Model Y.

'Fortunately no one was hurt. It's easy to laugh at later, but if that happens again, it could be a serious problem,' Chien told news site The Verge. There is sex. '

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