A 503 error is displayed in the Tesla application and failures such as the inability to charge electric vehicles occur throughout Europe

From around February 14, 2023, the error message '503 server maintenance' will be displayed on

the Tesla app throughout Europe, and failures such as connecting home storage batteries to Powerwall and charging cars at public charging facilities will not be possible. is occurring.

Tesla goes down across Europe leaving some drivers unable to charge cars | Metro News

Tesla goes down across Europe leaving some drivers unable to charge cars | Hacker News

A 503 error indicates that the server is unreachable and the service is unavailable. The problem that occurred in the Tesla app was first confirmed by Tesla users in the United States, and then spread throughout Europe.

A user on the social site Hacker News asked, 'Why is Tesla's failure preventing owners of Tesla vehicles from charging their vehicles at home? Do Tesla vehicles require internet access to charge?' When asked , ``If there is a failure, Tesla cars can be charged at home, but Tesla's supercharger cannot be charged.'' The reason is that 'access to the Internet is necessary not for charging, but for trading supercharger usage fees.'

Even in November 2021, Tesla cars are experiencing a failure due to a server error. At that time, it was reported that a 500 error made it impossible to unlock the car via the iPhone application, and many users were locked out of the car.

Tesla car can not be unlocked due to server error, people who get locked out continue - GIGAZINE

Similar reports have been reported across Europe on the Tesla user forum 'Tesla Motors Club', with many users stating 'I get a 503 error'.

The cause of the server error and the specific recovery time are unknown, and many users are asking Tesla and Tesla CEO Elon Musk for comments, but there is no announcement at the time of writing the article. .

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