What is great about home power battery "Powerwall" where Tesla leaps to energy innovation company?

Electric car"Model S"Tesla, who leads the world's EV market, is using a household battery"PowerwallAnnounced. As Tesla himself says "It is not just an electric car maker but an energy innovator", we have taken a big step toward energy innovation.

Powerwall | Tesla Home Battery

This is the household battery "Powerwall". It is a type of battery that hangs over the wall, and inside is packed with lithium ion batteries.

The size is 1300 mm in length × 860 mm in width × 180 mm in thickness and weighs 100 kg.

The Powerwall takes in electricity produced by solar power generation and can be used as a daily electricity and as a backup power source in emergency. Of course it can also be used for charging electric vehicles such as Tesla Motors' model S. Also, it is also possible to charge using the cheapest electricity bill.

It is morning and night that consumes the most power at home. On the other hand, the peak of solar power generation is noon. As a result, because there is a shift in the power peak, "Peak Shift" to shift the electric power stored in the day as it is to the peak time of consumption will not only reduce the electricity cost but also reduce electricity cost Because it can reduce the amount of thermal power generation and nuclear power generation, etc., it is a large capacity battery for household use that is friendly to both your wallet and the environment.

The Powerwall has two types, 10 kWh model and 7 kWh model, capable of continuously outputting 2.0 kW and peak at peak power of 3.3 kW. The use environment also covers minus 20 degrees to 43 degrees. Product warranty period is as long as 10 years. There are colorful models such as red color and blue color as well as white color.

The state of the event announced Powerwall which can cause an energy revolution by Eilon Mask CEO can be confirmed in the following movie.

Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall - YouTube

"Mr. Taska is not just an electric car maker, it is an energy innovator," said Mask CEO.

I talked about the necessity to effectively utilize renewable energy, especially sunlight, and its future potential by disseminating Powerwall in the United States.

It is America's world's largest energy consuming country consuming a lot of electricity and gasoline, but in order to generate energy in the United States, it is enough to set the map of Texas state about 10,000 square kilometers as a solar panel, the battery is a map It is OK with a red "dot" inside.

In addition to the household battery Powerwall, it also announces "Powerpack" for companies at the same time.

A huge box that you can see on the left is Powerpack.

Powerpack for business can connect multiple units.

If you have 160 million Powerpacks, you can supply electricity throughout the United States.

Covering the world's electricity with 900 million units.

With 2 billion more vehicles, it is possible to cover electric power plus transportation infrastructure such as automobiles around the world.

In the middle of the presentation the image of Powerpack installed outside the venue was displayed.

The left GRID is the power supplied from the power company, and the right BATTERY is the power supplied from the Powerpack. By saying that GRID is "0", how much "the power of the presentation hall is all covered by electricity charged to Powerpack," Mask CEO said. In the wake of the power of Powerpack, the venue rose.

The household battery "Powerwall" that can store solar-powered electricity or charge using the cheap night electricity of the electricity cost is 3000 dollars (760,000 yen) for the 7 kWh model, 3,500 dollars for the 10 kWh model It is scheduled to be released this summer at Yen). In some cases, we have realized overwhelming low price of less than half the price of conventional products, so when applications are accepted, applications are raging. It is over 38,000 units in just one week and is waiting for reservation for over 1 year.

In addition, Powerpack for enterprises has already been installed pilot for Amazon's cloud service AWS data center, and there are already 2,500 reservations already. From June 2015 Tesla and Panasonic jointly with the world's largest battery factory "GIGA FACTORYAlthough the construction of the battery storage department such as Powerwall and Powerpack will be larger than the electric cars when the Giga Factory is in full operation, it is expected to be constructed.

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