Full-size! Is it? Super gigantic cake looking like a real car

It is a surprising photograph that I thought as "a new car placed on a table?", In fact it was a huge cake. I am amazed by the cake craftsmen's commitment that not only the outside but also the contents are made of cake properly.

Details are as follows.
I began making it.

I am making each part. It is unthinkable in normal cakes.

I give decorations. Is it like a black stringer belt?

I am making an engine.

The completed engine looks something like this. it's amazing.

Then install the tail lamp and emblem.

This is done. It is well done.

I wonder whether I ate them all later.

The original picture is on the link below.

Can you believe this car (in real size) is a cake?!? (12 pics) (// STATiC)

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