Movie showing that Minecraft is no longer in the area of ​​art

In Minecraft (Minecraft) where you can create your favorite things by stacking blocks, as a fan artPixel art made by manually arranging 1128,960 blocks for 23 weeks and a halfThere are occasions when a super masterpiece such as that is produced. As the popularity of Minecraft improves, movies that show that these works sublime to the level of "art work" beyond gaming are released.

Minecraft is not just a game. It's an art form. - YouTube

The magnificent scenery and objects that the sunlight falls down

Unreal Underwater Cities

Objects of the future devastated and devastated

All of these shapes are made in the game "Minecraft".

In the maincraft, with the hands of the fansA spectacular pixel art using 1128,960 blocksThere are occasions when a super masterpiece such as a masterpiece is made, but now various forms are created as one kind of art ... ...

ThemPhotograph collection of art worksIt is sold to. The total sales of Maincraft areOver 100 million books, And Minecraft no longer exists beyond the game area.

An art group handling art works in such a main craft is "BlockWorks".

James Delaney also works as an artist of BlockWorks. When Mr. Delaney played Mine Craft for the first time, "I felt the charm that is similar to LEGO I played as a child, although the graphics are not beautiful, I got bored with the survival mode in 2 weeks and got creative mode I started playing it. "

As Mr. Delaney says, Minecraft has two play modes.

One is a "survival mode" that crafts what is necessary in the world of Minecraft and survives.

The other is "Creative Mode" that uses infinite materials in the world of Minecraft like a canvas of paintings to make things you like.

And if you play Minecraft online, players can choose different servers. Initially these servers were not owned by Mojang, a production company of Minecraft.

A variety of servers attract players, a world view that stirs curiosity ... ...

Change graphicsMODAnd various other optional functions were added. As a result, one industry was born within Minecraft.

Many companies have started making maps of Minecraft for players all over the world.

Similarly, BlockWorks which creates maps at Minecraft has a total of 62 members from twenty different countries. Since each member works remotely, it seems that there is no fixed office.

Works of BlockWorks look like this. Works produced in Minecraft can be downloaded and fans can evaluate Minecraft Art.

As Minecraft grew, big companies began to notice the potential of Minecraft. BlockWorks also received requests and produced and sells the movie 'Tomorrowland' and the world of the movie 'Batman vs Superman Justice' at the Maincraft.

In this way, the idea of ​​using the game world as advertisement did not appear for the first time in Minecraft. "Chex Quest" using the engine of game "Doom" that appeared in 1996 is one of them.

An advertisement targeting in the virtual space is "Second Life"As a result, companies such as Reebok are opening virtual shops in the Second Life marketplace, and so on.

However, as the Second Life platform became more popular, industries within Second Life were obsolete.

There is a similar crisis in Minecraft as well. In May 2016 Mojang said, "Prohibit companies from promoting movies and products using Minecraft"We set a new guideline called" This means that Mojang wants to "control the money generated from Minecraft".

BlockWorks accepted this guideline, but after that, upon receiving a request from Microsoft that acquired Mojang, "London fire"We are doing a project to reproduce seven past worlds in Minecraft.

Dearney of BlockWorks said, "We are fortunate to work with Microsoft but many Minecraft mapmakers are suffering from dealing with the new guidelines and many teams who have ceased activities There will also be present. " I do not know how the new guidelines will affect Minecraft in the future, but it is also worried that nobody will play creative mode and that it will be the result of only "survival mode to play at the main craft" It is being done.

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