In the case of the Maincraft, the Danish government rebuilt the land by 4 trillion pieces / 1 TB of super masterpieces

A game in which players can freely make and destroy buildings in the world made of blocks "Mine Craft"Mobile version sales 21 million·More than 12 million Xbox 360 editionsIt is a popular game all over the world. The Danish government was developing a new attempt to fully reproduce the country land of Denmark on 1/1 scale and to disclose it to users, in order to incorporate popular Minecraft into education. However, situations such as buildings reproduced by mindless players are destroyed have occurred.

Besøgende hærger Danmark i Minecraft | Nyheder | DR

Denmark dynamited by cunning American Minecraft vandals • The Register

The Danish Geographical Authority fully reproduces the country land of its country with as many as 4 trillion blocks using special tools. The data of the reproduced land is 1 TB and it is huge size, and it was released so that anyone can download it. Although it was considered to be able to download only a part of the data because of too big data, the Danish government needed to add a server.

You can check Denmark that was fully reproduced with Mine Craft from the following movie.

Danmarks frie geodata i en Minecraft-verden - YouTube

The Danish government reproduced the entire country.

Zooming it ......

The city is now visible.

I saw a city called Riskov in Denmark.

It is full of commitment to reproduce to the road.

This isMøns KlintIt is a cliff in the coastal area of ​​Denmark.

A lake called Opalsøen.

The player can freely build the building on the reproduced land in Denmark.

The aim of the Danish government was to incorporate Minecraft into school education, urban development, design learning. For that reason, we prohibited the use of "dynamite" which appears in the regular version of Minecraft, and urged the user to play modestly, but malicious users have dynamite in the truck for the mine I found that I can get on. As a result, "roughness" occurs that the reproduced building will be destroyed.

One image posted on Reddit shows the railroad station in Copenhagen destroyed and many star and strip flags are settled. From this, it was pointed out that "At least several Americans are involved in the destruction activity."

Also, the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen disappears and the block rises above the sky.

The Danish government, which fell into an emergency situation where the land became scorched, said, "It is necessary to rebuild the destroyed area once again." Then, "The report on destruction activity is a bit overruled, not the whole city There are only a few areas destroyed.The play of destroying and creating new things is natural in the maincraft so you do not have to recreate the destroyed area but if the buildings and areas are destroyed Even though nothing can be created, we are also looking to rebuild it, "he said. He revealed that he will change his attitude and permit destruction and creation.

Article writing At least 200,000 maps have been downloaded, and the Danish government is surprised at its popularity but can not hide joy.Minecraft version DenmarkIs open to anyone to download freely, you can also join a dedicated server to enjoy multiplayer. Destruction activity is accepted, but if you do not make anything afterwards, the Danish government will rebuild it, so be careful when you join a dedicated server and play it.

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