Prisoner making PC in prison, making net connection successfully, browsing pornography, searching for bomb-making laws, applying Cluca, issuing passages, etc. You can do whatever you want

In prison in the United States, the inmate secretly built a self-made PC and succeeded in connecting the home network, browsing pornography, examining how to make bombs, applying for credit card issuance, inmates not entering I issued a pass certificate in the area inside the prison, and it turned out that I wanted to do it all the time.

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The incident occurred in 2015, a prison in the Marion group of Ohio, USA. The content that the inspector investigated finally was released two years later, the incident became clear.

On July 3, 2015, the IT staff who worked in the prison found an alert mail saying that the Internet traffic of a user account exceeds the limit. According to the examination by the IT management staff, the corresponding account belongs to the merchant who undertook the work of the prison, and when the suspicious staff tracks the action, he is trying to access the shared folder of the in-prison network which is restricted It turns out that it is. Prison officials investigated in the prison after 3 hours of evasion of access limit avoidance behavior found that two PCs hidden by two boards were found behind the ceiling of the inmate's prison about.

The PC was constructed by two inmates, who had been working on recycling waste from the PC in the prison, secretly extracted the parts. I stole the guard's eyes and gather parts for the PC, and how I built my own personal computer in jail. One inmate who assembled a PC against the interrogation testified that he could carry the PC because the monitoring system in the prison was sweet.

Five prisoners who got PCs in prison concealed the PC behind the ceiling, secured power supply and succeeded in connecting to the network. I surfed freely freely in prison. The inspector analyzed the confiscated PC, the sentenced person searched pornography, a method of manufacturing drugs and explosives, steal personal information of other sentenced persons, issue a credit card, He said that he wanted to do something with him. Moreover, it turned out that the inmate was also successful in issuing a passage test to scramble the security check in the area where it is not permitted for the prisoner to invade.

The recycling work of the PC which was done in the prison was part of the inmate's remediation program and also included acquiring knowledge about the computer. However, for another reason not related to the case, it seems that the correction program for this computer has ended. Although the popular drama jailbreak "Prison Break" was also a prisoner of pride, the majority of the prisoners involved in the incident were transferred to separate refurbishment facilities.

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