Three men who may have jailbreaked alive from an impregnable prison "Alcatraz" in a sea of ​​isolated sea called "The Rock"

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A small island, "Alcatraz" floating 2.4 km from San Francisco, USA, was used as a federal prison until 1963 and was afraid of criminals as "The Rock". In the past, the number of sentenced inmates attempting jailbreak from Alcatraz is 36 people, and it is thought that all of them were trained in detention before jailbreak, shooting dead, or drowning in the sea . Three men, John Anglin, Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris, were also prisoners who attempted jailbreak from Alcatraz, and although they were thought to have drowned, they are considered to be 3 in the latest documentary film It is said that a person is the only survivor who survived jailbreak from Alcatraz.

Did three men actually survive the escape from Alcatraz? - Telegraph

Movie starring Clint Eastwood in 1979Escape from Alcatraz"Is based on jailbreak made by three brothers Anglin brothers and Frank Morris in 1962. The brothers Anglin were housed in Alcatraz due to the crime of robbery and Frank Morris was also arrested in the late teens for drug possession and robbery charges and was escorted to Alcatraz federal prison in 1960. Three people decided to jail because it was in 1962, and neither survival nor death was confirmed after going to the sea, although the disappearance was supposed to be unknown, jailbreak ended in failure and three people It was thought that it was drowned.

The following photographs are the photographs taken in prison in the order of Frank Morris, Clarence, John from the left. The picture on the top is young, the bottom is the picture of 3 people since I got older.

John Anglin was born as one of the fourteen brothers in poor families and was accommodated in Alcatraz in 1960. At that time Alcatraz was accommodating a lot of big society's big things such as Mafia's bosses such as Al Capone and James Joseph Bulger, but John decided to do with a toy gun unlike those prisoners It was escorted to Alcatraz due to the bank robbery who did it. John has tried jailbreak several times since becoming a prisoner of Alcatraz, and one year after being housed, his brother Clarence is also accommodated in Alcatraz.

Clarence is making friends with Frank Morris in Alcatraz, three people digging solitary cells, refining the jailbreak plan to swim in the sea instead of a raincoat that steals in Alcatraz. To deceive the eyes of the guard at jailbreak, the three made dolls with actual hair and put this doll in the bed sheet. It was in June of 1962 that we decided to jailbreak, and there were no people who saw the appearance of three people since then.

ByAndrew Dupont

Brothers brothers Mr. Anglin received a Christmas card with his son's signature for three years (it is unknown from when to receive it). In this card there is a card received after jailbreak, and it is proved that it is the signature of the person by handwriting appraisal. However, I could not prove until when the card was written, and it was not treated as evidence of jailbreak and survival. So the Anglin family got the DNA of Alfred, the two older brothers (the two older brothers who were executed to jailbreak the Alabama prison), and the DNA of the bones of those who died of jailbreak from Alcatraz is. As a result of the DNA appraisal, brothers of Anglin brothers were not found in the bones, and eventually they remain unknown.

Gang's James Joseph Bulger, who was housed in Alcatraz at the same time as the Anglin brothers, informed his brothers that "After escaping, all friendships have to be cut off"lectureIt seems that he was doing it, and the possibility that the two people disappointed by keeping this teaching is fully considered.

A hole that Frank Morris opened in a cell for jailbreak.

It also took place in 2014InvestigationSaid that there is plenty of possibility of living and succeeding jailbreak if it comes out to the sea in Ikada at 23 o'clock in the morning and rows from Alcatraz to the north.

In addition, Ken Widner and Mr. David Widner, who are nephews of brothers Anglin, believe that their uncle survived the jailbreak and lived in Brazil until the 1980s. Photos below Ken and DavidHistory ChannelOne piece of photograph which becomes "solid evidence that brothers Anglin survived" which was released at. It is believed that this was taken in Brazil in 1975, with Clarence on the left and John on the right. In other words, the brothers of Anglin had exiled to Brazil after a successful jailbreak.

It is unknown whether the photographs of the newly discovered Anglin brothers are genuine or fake, but no remains have been found and no evidence has been found that two people "died", so that truth remains a mystery . If it is successful in jailbreak, after more than 50 years since closing, the fame as "Prison that never allowed jailbreak" will collapse.

Incidentally,TelegraphIn the article, we are conducting a questionnaire "Do you think that three who escaped from Alcatraz are alive?" 67% answered "I am alive, probably in Brazil".

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