The criminal who narrowed down the unresolved case by DNA analysis service and killed 12 people and raped more than 50 people was arrested after 40 years

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Just pick up your saliva and send itService that analyzes gene informationIs popular, but some people publish their genetic information obtained by DNA analysis service on the net. The criminal of the murder case which was unresolved for 40 years, arrested by using such genetic information.

East Area Rapist: DNA from genealogy websites cracked case, officials say | The Sacramento Bee

East Area Rapist: Questions about using DNA from genealogy sites | The Sacramento Bee

DNA match on genealogy sites led to suspected "Golden State Killer" Joseph DeAngelo, police say - CBS News

The Golden State Murderer (Golden State Killer)A mass murderer called Raped at least 50 women in Sacramento County, Northern California between June 18, 1976 and July 5, 1979, and in Southern California between 1979 and 1986 I killed 12 people. Until now, "Eastern Rape Maid" and "Original ·Night stalker"It was concluded that what was thought to be a case of another case by a criminal who was called by the murderer of this golden state.

Its way of doing stalking acts on the victim, invading the house, investigating the surrounding environment of the victim beforehand, and then going to the crime, calling the victim in advance as a mistake call We sometimes grasp the schedule. In addition, it seems that there was also a threat to threaten to call the victim woman after the crime and conduct the crime again.

Former police officer Joseph James Dian Angelo (72) was arrested on April 26, 2018 (local time) as a criminal of this incident which was unresolved over 40 years.

The one who helped the arrest of the criminal23 and MeYaAncestryDNA analysis service like. Some of these online services offer a service of collecting DNA samples from people who want to know their home background and searching for missing relatives and detailed contents are not disclosed The person in charge of the case got the clue of resolving the incident by sending Dian Angelo's DNA found several years ago to the site.

DNA Doe ProjectAccording to Colleen Fitzpatrick, who operates an NPO named "Mr. Schubert, who publishes genetic information obtained by DNA analysis service on a DNA matching site to search for biological parents and missing relatives, I guess the relative was one of them. "

The name of the Web service used is not disclosed, and 23 and Me and Ancestry deny involvement in the survey.

According to Anne Marie Schubert, a prosecutor in Sacramento County, the survey was conducted for a long time and the crime research laboratory narrowed down the suspect based on the "family tree matching with the criminal" revealed by the DNA analysis service It is said that. And that Dian Angelo was living in the area where the crime occurred at the time, because it agrees with the age of the criminal, and it came up to the investigation line.

After that, the crime investigation lab monitors the citrus · Heights neighborhood where Di Angelo lives and collects DNA from the garbage discarded by the defendant. On the evening of April 20th (Friday) 2018, Mr. Schubert seems to be informed that DNA matched from Mr. Steve Grippi, the deputy attorney general of the state prosecutors. According to Mr. Schubert, "DNA samples showed overwhelming evidence that" he is the perpetrator "," but to be sure, we also tested the second sample. However, the result that I received on the night of the 23rd (Monday) was the same as the 1st test.

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Because it was done promptly by saying "It is as fast as possible so as not to be noticed by the suspect or escape," until the arrest was made after knowing that Di Angelo was the criminal, all the state prosecutors To the extent that he did not know about arrest. And on Tuesday afternoon, Di Angelo was arrested and said he was put in a detention center for two murder charges that took place in 1978.

On April 27 (Fri), Di Angelo was charged with 12 murders and 51 rapes.

Mr. Schubert living in Sacramento county was 12 years old when the golden state murderer began to commit a crime. At that time, Mr. Schubert 's father who received criminal reports purchased a gun and the mother said that his mother was hiding the knife under the pillow. After that, Mr. Schubert persuaded his boss and began a re-investigation of the case which was a cold case. After 18 years since the investigation began, the criminal was finally arrested.

However, concerning the investigation method this time, the problem of "How to protect the personal privacy of personal genetic information on the website" has also been raised.

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