Mosquitoes who were at the scene of the crime analyzed blood and succeeded in identifying suspects

It seems that Finnish police succeeded in identifying the suspect by analyzing DNA from the blood mosquito sucked. It is like a survey method that appears to be in drama, but was it that it was fortunate that there was a record of matching DNA by chance?

Details are as below.
Blood from mosquito traps Finnish suspect - Mail Guardian Online: The smart news source

A car incident was stolen in the city of Lapua, 380 km north of Helsinki, but the car itself was found at Seinajoki station 25 km from the stolen location. The police, who was investigating the car found, noticed that the mosquitoes were trapped inside and sent it to the laboratory to investigate the blood that was sucked. The suspect who narrowed down the police answered, "I hitchhiked myself and just got in the car" against the interrogation, he seems to deny the charges for the crime.

The first time police in Finland used insects to solve crime, "Prosecutor Sakari Palomaeki talks with laughter" Prosecutor Sakari Palomaeki said, "I was not told to keep an eye on the mosquitoes left on site at the time of training." It is.

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